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Maison Hullibarger

Dear Father, the family of Maison Hillbarger, 18, of Michigan, is mourning his death on December 4th, the victim of suicide. Their mourning is in the news because it has been reported that Rev. Don LaCuesta of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church of Temperance, MI inferred and implied at Maison’s funeral service that Maison was not in heaven because of the manner of his death. It has also been reported that the priest denied the family the opportunity to eulogize their son, again because of the nature of his death. The backlash against the priest and the Catholic church was severe. The Archdiocese of Detroit publicly apologized and the priest has been banned from conducting any further funerals. His homilies will be reviewed by mentors. It has been reported that the priest regrets his actions. Father, You made it quite clear in Matthew 7 that we are not to judge. Only You are worthy to judge others because only You have complete knowledge and perfect wisdom, compassion, love, mercy, and justice to be able to determine a person’s destiny. A man or woman may place their trust in Your Son as they draw their last breath. That is all it takes for eternal forgiveness. Father, our crime against You is that we rebel from You. We rely on ourselves. We rely on our own strength and wisdom. We decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. We decide who we want to be. We are our own gods. Many who judge the conduct of others neglect to see the rebellion in their own heart. Father, we are not here to obey rules and regulations. We are here to have a personal relationship with Your Son. It is our love for Him that leads us to want to do right. It is not a set of regulations. Father, I ask for Your mercy on the Hillbarger family. Shower Your compassion on them. Walk with them through this darkness and lead them to a place where they are thanking You for Your grace. Be so kind to them in this season of pain that they experience joy and an indescribable peace. Meet their every need. Protect them from the offenses of clergy who do not represent You in the correct way. May this family experience the best of the church and may that experience convince them of Your goodness. May there be a spiritual renewal in the family that leads to the transformation of many lives. I also pray for Rev. LaCuesta. Help him to grow in his understanding of the gospel. May he experience in fullness what it means to walk with You in total forgiveness. May that understanding draw many into the church through his ministry. Amen