7 Reasons to Stop Posting on Facebook

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November 21, 2017
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December 18, 2017

Facebook is a wonderful tool. I have wonderful connections on there and I look forward to making more.

However, I will be honest. I’ve become quite uncomfortable sharing the details of my life on Facebook. Am I a private person? Not at all. This website is evidence that I’m quite willing to be transparent. In truth, I want to share my story, my “autobiographical testimony”. I’m quite eager to share vignettes from my life, illustrations that shout the message that God desires to use and transform broken, weak, and messed up people. I’d like to encourage others to look back and see what God has done and is doing in their life – both large and small.

What are my issues with sharing on Facebook?

  1. What did Christ teach us? Love our neighbors. We are to put others first. This means my engagement with Facebook needs to be about what my friends are doing. I’m to like, share, and comment on the things they post. I’m to read their posts to get an idea of what are the things near and dear to their hearts. In other words, I’m on Facebook to serve and care for others. When I look at Facebook as a means to communicate what’s important to me, I can forget the wonderful opportunity Facebook provides me to focus on the needs of others.
  2. The experts tell us we are to post regularly on social media but within reason. Anything more than one post per day is excessive. I remember a few years back one of my Facebook friends shared a chapter from a book in the Bible. The individual posted one verse at a time. I ended up receiving 20+ posts within a few minutes from this one person. I sent a friendly message to them, suggesting they not do that in the future. They could lose friends. The truth is I want to share as often and as much as I feel led to share. However, I also don’t want to be excessive or intrusive. Facebook doesn’t sound like the place to share all of that I want to share as frequently as I want to share it.
  3. True relationships are built not through social media but through personal one-on-one communications. I’m going to build genuine and authentic relationships by in-person visits, messaging, phone calls, and personal emails. What’s going on in my life is not a surprise for the people who know me well. They don’t learn about my life via my Facebook posts. Genuine relationship building cannot take place by simply posting what’s going on in your life to your friends.  I’d rather strive to get to know my “friends” one-on-one, something I will strive to do better in 2018.
  4. My posts are lost in newsfeeds. By the time my Facebook friends return to Facebook after a week or two away, the things I posted recently are buried under hundreds of items in their newsfeed. They are not likely to scroll for several minutes to find the things I’ve posted. Even fewer are going to get on Facebook and ask, “Hey, what’s Charles Wagner up to? I’ll click on his newsfeed.” While they may be interested, their time is short on Facebook and they won’t be able to fit that in.
  5. What about all the people who are not my Facebook friends? What about all the people who login to Facebook infrequently? What about all the people who don’t use Facebook at all? My Facebook posts will never reach these people.  I need to post elsewhere to share with them.
  6. Mental health experts are sharing how unhealthy the whole “like” model is on Facebook.  “Was my post liked by anyone?  How many?  Who liked it?  Why didn’t person X like my post?  I liked their post!”  For the sake of my continued spiritual growth, I don’t want to get caught up in all that drama.
  7. Shouldn’t there be one central place where I share what’s on my heart?  Why should I share some things on my blog, some things on Facebook, some things on Twitter, some things on Snapchat, and other things on LinkedIn?   Ugh. I don’t want to do that anymore.  Give me one place to share everything.

Therefore, with these things in mind, I have made a decision about my personal Facebook page.

  • I’m going to use Facebook and other social media platforms as a tool to get to know people better and to support what’s important to them.
  • I’m going to share all about what God has done and is doing in my life on this blog, The Gramazin Story. The Gramazin Story blog will be photo vignettes from my past, updates about my present, plans for my future, news and plans about Gramazin, and prayers about what God is doing in my life I’m willing to share publicly. This blog will be the substitute for my posts on Facebook. I can post on this blog as much and as often as I would like. The only people visiting this blog are those who choose to do so. Unless they subscribe to my blog feed, they will not be pestered by notifications of my frequent postings.
  • I will notify my social media friends once a week about what I have posted on this blog in the previous week.  If they choose to visit this blog, they might be inclined to browse around Gramazin and engage with my vision and mission.

That all being said, I plan to be dedicated to the Gramazin Facebook community page.  I will do everything I can to build up a community on Facebook of people who are passionate about testimony sharing.  That’s a different story altogether.

God bless!

Charles Wagner
November 21, 2017