A prayer for believers

#120. Are you hearing my prayers?
October 14, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 1 – Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there are things we can pray for that we know You will respond to with an “Absolutely”!

  • I am a weak man (woman). Please turn me into a dynamic example of the transforming power of Jesus Christ!
  • Help me to love you with all my heart, soul, and mind.
  • Help me to give glory to You and your Son Jesus Christ.
  • Help my love for others to be extraordinary and for it to draw people to Christ.
  • Make me your instrument to lead people to faith in Christ, even if I never know it.
  • Help me to walk with you obediently, humbly, and with purity.
  • Help me to be courageous and may I reflect the power of bold faith in you.
  • Give me wisdom in abundance.
  • Make me a blessing to people in need, using me to touch the brokenhearted, the lonely, the victimized, the poor, etc.,
  • Help me to be generous, compassionate, and merciful.
  • Forgive me of my rebellion through faith in Christ.
  • Give me sufficient health and resources to do what God has for me to do.
  • Help me to live my life with thankfulness and gratitude for all the many blessings from you.
  • Help me to increasingly desire to worship you in spirit and truth.
  • May adversity in my life draw me closer to you and to build my character.
  • Help me to cherish the Word of God, to have a deep love for knowing and applying the Word.
  • Give me a deep intimate relationship with Christ, enjoying His company and companionship in every hour of my life.
  • Help me be bold in the sharing of my testimony with others.
  • Guide my steps every day.
  • Help me to treasure only my relationship with you and nothing else on this earth, including my work, my reputation, and my other relationships.
  • Reward me for waiting upon the Lord, blessing me for waiting upon your deliverance and not taking matters into my own hands.
  • Honor me because others know I am seeking to honor Jesus Christ and you want the world to know that you honor those who seek to honor Him.
  • Use me to build up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by ministering to those who minister in His name.
  • Free me from the fears and insecurities that bind me, turning me into a powerful man (woman) of God.
  • Make my work a gift to Christ, my offering, a sweet aroma that gives Him pleasure.
  • Free me from the worries of life so that I may solely focus on serving others to your honor.

Father, we can’t imagine You saying “no” to any one of these prayer requests. It may take time to answer these prayers because You often use time and circumstance (and suffering, which builds character) to transform us. However, we trust that You will answer these prayers with a “yes”, prayed with sincerity, because these are absolutely the same things You want for us. Amen.