#120. Are you hearing my prayers?

A prayer for believers
October 14, 2017
#154 – A natural disaster
October 14, 2017

Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts, circa September 2016

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 1 – Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, are You hearing my prayers? I don’t see Your answers. I don’t even see any signs You are giving my prayers any consideration. Did You say “no”? If so, did I miss that message? Father, if You said no, let me know so that it is very clear to me. Did You say, “not yet”? Did I miss that message? Father, if You have said not yet, please give me the mindset to wait upon You. May I know it in my heart that I am supposed to wait. Father, if You said “yes”, did I miss that message? Father, is there an indicator of You having said yes that I didn’t see? Father, make it clear to me that You have answered yes. Father, perhaps I am not listening for Your answer. Perhaps I am praying only half-heartedly, asking You for something but not believing You are going to answer my prayer. I pray but never expect You to answer. Therefore, You might very well be ignoring my prayer because I am not taking my prayer seriously. Father, I need to believe that You are going to answer the prayer. I need to expect it. I need to plan on it. I need to believe You are engaged in my life and responding to my petitions. Father, if I have refused to do what is right in my relationship with someone else, You might be silent to my prayers. Father, show me what relationships I need to repair and help me to repair those relationships. Father, if I am still living in rebellion, You are unlikely to answer my prayer. Father, forgive me of my rebellion and help me to walk obediently before You. Father, help me to keep a prayer journal, a written record of my requests to You and the indicators that You have answered the prayer. Maybe I’m simply not bothering to notice how You have already answered the prayer. Maintaining a written record is a statement that I am expecting an answer at some point. Father, change my heart. Amen.