Book Reviews

Xulon Press

The author has a unique writing voice that is charismatic and passionate while being incredibly sincere and profound at the same time. One-of-a-kind observations and descriptive language fill the pages. He draws from his amazing life experiences, both painful and joyful, to create this magnum opus of a collection of prayers. The breadth of topics covered in this volume alone are astounding, making it a resource that believers from all walks of life and backgrounds can consult and treasure as a part of their devotional time with God. Above all, the author’s vision of pointing readers to daily reliance upon God as God rather than ourselves is a refreshing theme throughout the book.

The Writer's Edge Review

Charles, your work is truly unique!...your thoroughly humble and vulnerable author “voice” (highly relatable!) and the basic teaching that comes through about who God is and how we can relate to him. In a sense, you have modeled how to bring all our thoughts and feelings and challenges and experiences before the Lord, and I sense that this is a deep need for believers today—to learn how to be in prayer with God.