Church Websites With Testimonies

The following believers in Jesus Christ have shared their "stories" (aka "testimonies") on their church websites. We thank God for them!

We created this list on October 26, 2017. By God's grace, it will expand to hundreds of entries as we search church websites across America.

Note: This list does not include:

  • Churches that publish "testimonials" about the value of attending the particular church. We are looking for stories of how Jesus Christ has changed people's lives.
  • Churches that invite the visitor to share their testimony but none has been published to-date.
  • Testimonies of momentary deliverance without discussion of God's subsequent long-term faithfulness.

Lifesong Church, Worcester and Sutton, MA

"At Lifesong, we believe our God is actively moving by His Spirit through His people to provide healing, breakthrough, restoration, and blessing, and here you’ll read about some of the incredible ways He has moved in and through those in our church. We know God doesn’t play favorites, and we hope you’ll allow these stories to encourage your faith and inspire you to believe Him for the miraculous in your life and the lives of those around you."
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New Life Church, New Cumberland, PA

Every person has a story. New Life Church is honored to be a part of life-changing stories! Below are stories of lives changed by Christ and how they have come to be a part of the New Life family.
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Haven Baptist Church, Schuylkill Haven, PA

My parents divorced when I was ten. My dad had full custody of my sister and me and we moved with him to Maine, away from my mom and memories growing up in Pennsylvania. We were not very religious, but my dad joined a Baptist church in Maine and so my sister and I became members, too. Around age thirteen or so I heard an invitation given and I went forward to pray with someone. I prayed a prayer and therefore thought that I must be “saved.” But I did not know what I did or really understood why......
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Revival Baptist Church, Scranton, PA

As of October 26, 2017, five testimonies are published on this church website.
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Spirit of Christ Community Church, Cumberland PA

As of October 26, 2017, a few members have shared their testimonies on the church website.
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Springton Lake Presbyterian Church, Newtown Square, PA

We are the hands, the feet, and the voice of Jesus, His story-tellers; called to bring love, wisdom and holiness into our turbulent and technologically chaotic world. One transformed life, made for eternity touching another.
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Next Level Church, Various locations in New England

Watch the testimonies shared by Next Level Church. They have locations in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Canada, and Florida.
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