December 2020

December 6-12, 2020
A nationwide celebration of testimonies

Regional events in cities large and small across America. Individuals. Families. Churches. Ministries. Schools.

God has given every believer an abundance of gifts and talents. Music. Drama. Film. Art. Crafts. Sport. Writing. Construction. Teaching. Public speaking. Serving. Administration. And many more skills.


Individual believers are inspired to contribute something to this event. They answer one simple question:

What creative idea can you come up with to celebrate the testimonies that Jesus Christ has written in millions of people's lives?

Teams are created from volunteers from churches in cities around the country. Brainstorming. Planning. Making connections. Organizing details. Every regional event is different. It's own style. All we ask is that whatever they come up with occurs in the same week. December 6-12, 2020

It's a social media challenge. Facebook. Twitter. InstaGram. Snapchat. Pinterest. How can believers committed to social media use their social connections to invite others to help plan a "thank you surprise party" for Jesus Christ?