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Dear Father, in the year 2032, there will be a President of the United States. There will be a Vice President. There will be members of the President’s cabinet. There will be heads of government agencies. There will be leaders at the top of the U.S. military. There will be Supreme Court justices. There will be judges on federal, state, and county courts. There will be federal and state legislators. There will be governors of states and mayors of major cities. There will be influential people in the media, in entertainment, and in professional sports. There will be business leaders whose companies, products, and services will shape American culture. There will be pastors of churches. There will be teachers teaching in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. There will be college professors who will shape the minds of young men and women. There will be nonprofit organizations and faith-based ministries who labor to bring relief in crisis.

Father, 2032 is just 14 years away. The youngest of these influential people in 2032, such as a rookie pro athlete or a teenage singer, is a young pre-school child right now. Others are in middle school, high school, or college. Some are already into their careers, destined to become leaders of America in 2032.

I pray for each of these influential people this very day. You know who they are, each one by name. You know what is going on today in each of their lives. You know what they are thinking today. You know their values and passions as well as their goals and priorities. You know the state of their emotional and mental health. You know the state of their relationship with You. You also know what adversities they are going to experience in their personal lives in the next 14 years. You know what events are going to happen in the world between now and then that will shape their belief systems.

Father, I ask for You to prepare each of these men and women for the leadership positions they will have in 2032. Bring as many of them as possible into a personal relationship with You. Give them personal encounters with You. Help them to see and understand spiritual realities. Lead them to a moment in time when they surrender their lives to You. Build their characters and give them wisdom. Protect their hearts from corruption. Meet their every need. Protect them from harm, especially spiritual attacks.

Father, I ask that You prepare the hearts and minds of the leaders of our nation in 2032 so that they will lead us with integrity and righteousness. Father, put people into influential positions – politicians, judges, entertainers, athletes – in 2032 who love You with all their heart, soul, and minds. Raise up men and women who will love their neighbors as themselves. Raise up men and women who will be courageous. Raise up men and women who will seek justice. Raise up men and women who will be generous, compassionate, and merciful to people in need. Raise up men and women who will love, honor, and support the work of Your church.

Bless our nation in 2032 with influential people whose stories and testimonies of how You changed their lives in the next 14 years will be inspiring to many.