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In late October 2017, we have few following us....yet. We have just finished preparing this website for our launch across New England and then the rest of the country. Few know about us right now. We will begin regular publishing on social media and on our newsletters. We will also begin contacting churches, ministries, and influencers. We expect our following to increase in 2018.

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Gramazin Facebook

This will be the home of the Gramazin Testimony Movement. Our desire is to build a community of believers around the country who share a passion for testimony sharing. Let's see where God takes this.

Gramazin Twitter - Prayer

Our goal is to post brief prayers during the day for people who are suffering as reported by local news stations across the country.

Other Social Media

We will use the following social media websites to make connections with people and to learn about and promote what is important to them. We will post weekly updates about our posts on Gramazin.


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