Statements of Faith from Framingham – Worcester, MA

Statements of Faith from Lowell – Lawrence – Haverhill, MA
October 15, 2017
Statements of Faith from Taunton, Fall River, New Bedford, Cape Cod, MA
October 15, 2017

Jesus Christ really does change lives in the 21st century.

Men and women from the community have struggled with marital conflict, separation, divorce, addiction, illness, injury, financial crisis, incarceration, and more. They have felt overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless. They tried to find answers in various philosophies, people, things, and activities. Nothing worked. They decided to learn more about Jesus Christ. They discovered through Him strength for their hearts and minds. There can be hope, joy, and peace of mind even in life’s most challenging situations.

Gramazin.NET is a web program with one simple purpose – make it easy for people to share what Christ has done for them with their neighbors. No paragraphs of text. No video to prepare. The individual with the story simply answers questions by clicking on buttons. In 15 minutes, they have a summary of their life story to share with their neighbors in the community. They can choose to be anonymous.

We have gathered “micro testimonies” from people from the following churches in the region. When you click on the link, you will be taken to a mobile-friendly page for the church on Gramazin.NET where you can browse through the stories of hope in their congregation. May God bless you! May Jesus Christ give you hope, joy, and peace of mind this very day!

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