Friday April 13, 2018

Tuesday April 10, 2018
April 10, 2018
Sunday April 15, 2018
April 15, 2018

Drought in Southwest

Dear Father, there is a severe drought in the Southwest. According to reports, 20% of Oklahoma is suffering from extreme drought. Most of Colorado, 60% of Utah, and all of the Texas panhandle are in a severe drought. Fifty percent of northern New Mexico and Arizona are experiencing drought. Farmers are not getting enough irrigation for their crops. There is a significant threat of forest fire. Father, I am asking You to send rain to this part of the country. Have compassion on the people. Hear their prayers and send them relief. Spare them the destruction of forest fires. Father, us humans think we’ve got everything under control. However, we depend upon You for everything…including rain. May we never forget You are God and we are not! Amen.

A Change in Texas Politics

Dear Father, Texas has been known as a Republican and conservative stronghold for several decades. However, this may be changing rapidly. The national media conversation about Presient Trump’s conduct in office is giving Democrats new life in the second most populated state in the nation. According to reports, Trump is losing ground for Republicans by alienating young people, women, and minorities, including Hispanics in Texas. In a state that historically embraces the military and is against radical progressive politics, the Democrats are offering politically centrist candidates with strong military backgrounds. Democrats are bolstered by changing in the demographics of the population as urban areas, which are typically more liberal, are growing and spreading into rural areas, which are typically more conservative. An influx of Hispanics into the state in recent decades is also changing the political culture of Texas. The GOP, which seemed to be so dominate across America in December 2016, is in disarray, faced with the challenge of running against their own president. Their strategy for survival is to avoid national politics and to offer candidates who are appealing at the local level. Father, I don’t know what Your will is for American politics. You may want Party A to be in control to achieve Your purposes. You may want Party B to be in control to achieve Your purposes. I cannot take sides. However, I do know You want the church in the Lone Star State to be powerful and effective. Therefore, I ask that whatever happens in Texas elections in November 2018 will advance the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Higher Loyalty

Dear Father, former FBI Director James Comey is releasing a book on April 17, 2018. The book is entitled “A Higher Loyalty”. The book is said to be very critical of President Trump, describing him as deceptive, egotistical, and unfaithful to his wife. It has been reported that the book describes Trump similar to the head of an organized crime family. Comey, who is said to be a Sunday School teacher in a United Methodist church, has re-iterated his belief that Hillary Clinton is innocent of misconduct. He said he announced an investigation into Hillary one month before the November 2016 Presidential election certain that she was going to win. He didn’t want her election to seem compromised by the F.B.I. not having properly investigated her. It is expected that both the Republican National Committee and the White House will challenge the book politically and in the courts. Father, American politics are in chaos. In my lifetime I have watched the political theater completely change. When I was young, it seemed that the two political parties worked to find common ground. They had their differences but there was mutual respect for each party. Now, both parties are at war. Neither party wants to seek common ground. The progressive liberals are working hard to transform America and the conservatives are working hard to stop them. This book seems like just another bullet in the battle aimed to do damage and to win the civil war. Father, I believe that all politics is idolatry…at least for the believer. You long to transform this nation not by votes, legislation, court decisions, or executive orders but by the love of the church demonstrated in our communities. Father, forgive the church for being disobedient to our calling. I ask that every believer in our nation who places their faith in politics above the work of the church will confess and repent and then get out there and love people in Your name. That is truly the “highest loyalty.” Father, may this book accomplish what YOU want it to accomplish – from nothing at all or to further change in America. I do ask that You are lovingly using troubling times to lead this nation back to You. Amen.

Brett Favre

Dear Father, Brett Favre is a three-time NFL Most Valuable Player who played from 1992-2010. He led the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl victory in January 1997. He has recently shared that he is now experiencing short-term memory problems as a result of allegedly “thousands” of concussions he received playing football. He has expressed concern that he might develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy as he gets older. The disease is caused by frequent concussions. Professional football players such as Jovan Belcher, John Grimsley, Chris Henry, Dave Duerson, Kevin Turner, Cookie Gilchrist, John Mackey, Junior Seau, Ray Easterling, Tyler Sash, Ken Stabler, and Aaron Hernandez have been diagnosed with it. Athletes in professional hockey, wrestling, marital arts, soccer, rugby, and extreme sports have also been diagnosed with the disease. A number of individuals diagnosed with the disease have either committed suicide or have been arrested for acts of violence. Father, I ask for Your mercy on Brett Favre. Could You heal him? Would You spare him from further suffering? Father, he is investing in medications to treat concussion. He is also discouraging children from participating in youth football. Give his mission success. Enable him to save lives. I do ask that he will place his faith in Jesus Christ and experience the peace and joy that comes from a relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind. Meet his every need today. I thank You for his courage to protect the health of young men and women. Amen.