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November 30, 2017
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December 4, 2017

Net Neutrality

Dear Father, the Internet has become arguably the most critical medium for outreach of the church. Churches and faith-based ministries rely on their web and social media presence to communicate their messages. Therefore, net neutrality is a topic of interest to Your church. Net neutrality is the principle that the companies that provide access to the Internet will not speed up, slow down, or block content. All content is to be equally accessible with optimum speed and quality. There is to be no censorship or discriminatory charges based on the content being accessed. Proponents believe it creates a level playing field, a free market that does not discriminate. On the other hand, opponents to net neutrality believe that it stifles innovation. New technologies cost money to develop. The innovators believe they should have the right to provide exclusive access to new technologies for those who are able to pay for them. There are those who are concerned that the stifling of innovation will be detrimental to poor communities whose Internet infrastructure is not yet up-to-speed with wealthier communities. In February 2015, the FCC ruled in favor of net neutrality by classifying access to the Internet as a telecommunications service. This made Internet Service Providers common carriers, according to Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, allowing the government to regulate Internet Service Providers. However, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is pushing to reverse this policy, giving Internet Service Providers the freedom to invest in new technologies and to charge for their use. Father, I ask that You decide what is best in this issue to maximize Your church’s ability to communicate Your love to the public. In Your sovereignty, orchestrate the solution to the net neutrality issue that is in the best interests of Your church. Guide the FCC to make the correct decisions in this matter. Amen.

Kate Steinle

Dear Father, I ask for your mercy and compassion to be on the loved ones of Kate Steinle today. Kate was a young woman who was visiting a San Francisco pier with her father on July 1, 2015 when the gun in the possession of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate discharged, striking Kate who died in her father’s arms. The defendant claimed the gun firing was accidental. The prosecution claimed it was manslaughter, if not murder. The case became national news when it was learned the defendant was not a legal citizen of the United States. He had seven previous felony convictions and he had been deported five times. During his most recent incarceration prior to the shooting, on drug related charges, the INS asked San Francisco authorities to hold him for deportation. However, because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, the defendant was released and the incident with Kate Steinle occurred. On November 30, 2017, a jury found the defendent to be innocent of all charges except for felony possession of a gun. Kate’s family was devastated by the verdict. Father, comfort them today. May they find peace in the knowledge that You are the God of justice and that every injustice will be addressed completely and effectively by You. Surround them with the love of Your people. May they feel Your presence in their lives. Draw them into a closer relationship with You. Help them to heal. Write testimonies of Your amazing acts of love in their lives during these dark days. Meet their every need. Father, lead Jose Ines Garcia Zarate to faith in Jesus Christ. Transform his heart, soul, and mind. Turn him into an agent of Your love and grace. Give him both the remorse he needs to confess to You whatever he has done wrong and the peace of experiencing complete forgiveness. Father, protect the innocent from the consequences of public policies that endanger them. May our government leaders have the courage to defend truth and justice without compromising either in the name of cultural change. Amen.

Godly Men

Dear Father, a candidate for a state attorney general office has produced a campaign video, suggesting only women are fit for public office because they lack certain male reproductive parts. Without those parts, they cannot sexually abuse innocent people. Therefore, only women can be trusted as public servants. Father, there is no doubt a crisis in our culture with sexual abuse. Our news is filled with reports of men in power humiliating and abusing women. Father, I am confident that such abuse angers You. Clean house! Put an end to such abuse! Put the fear of public exposure into the minds of all sexual abusers, enough to lead them to stop being abusive. Jesus Christ was a champion of women, so to speak. In a culture that subjugated women, Jesus made them a key component of His ministry, as recounted in the four gospels and in the book of Acts. The message of Jesus Christ is that all people, both male and female, are made in Your image and are equally loved and valued by You. I ask that America will not only experience a cleansing of sexual abuse in every office and community but also a new respect for morality and godly principals of love for others. However, there are many godly men in our society. There are many godly men who love You with all their hearts, souls, and minds. There are many godly men who love their families. There are many godly men who do not abuse others, including children and women. There are many godly men who are examples of good character. There are many godly men who need to be leaders in our society. There are many dysfunctional families in our society that lack godly fathers, an illustration of the importance of godly men in our homes and communities. Father, You created both male and female and You declared them both good. Our society needs godly men and our society needs to respect and honor such men. Father, it is not right to label all women as bad mothers because there are women reported in the news to have been abusive to their children. Likewise, it is not right for politicians to throw all men under the bus because a percentage of men are abusers. Father, I ask for You to stop the insanity in our culture. People do good and bad things because of their character and the state of their relationship with You, not because of their gender, race, or ethnicity. Father, may politicians running for office challenge and inspire all of us to be people of good character, regardless of our reproductive systems. Amen.