Friday December 15, 2017

Thursday December 14, 2017
December 14, 2017
Monday December 18, 2017
December 18, 2017

North Korean Death Squad

Dear Father, it has been reported that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has executed Hwang Pyong-so, a former leader in the North Korean military. The latter has not been seen in public since October. This report comes amid allegations of the brutality of the methods of execution used by the dictator. Father, I am asking You for justice. May all acts of unjustified political execution, no matter which country commits the acts, will be addressed by divine justice. I ask that You protect innocent individuals who are on the lists of political execution squads. Enable them to avoid harm and to escape to a place of safety. May those who cannot avoid execution have the opportunity to make things right with You before their demise. Pour out Your compassion on believers who will be martyred for their faith. May their murder be as painless and peaceful as can be. Father, I can have confidence those who murder the innocent will one day give an accounting to You for all of their terror and bloodshed. I am thankful You are sovereign and just. Amen.

2018 Finnish Elections

Dear Father, on January 28, 2018, the people of Finland will vote for the next president. The president will serve for six years. Father, I ask that the man or woman elected to the office will be the one whose administration is most cooperative with the work of Your church in the country. May the new leader have a heart of compassion for people in the country who are in crisis. May the leader’s policies help and defend the poor and needy. Father, may each of the candidates experience Your deep love for them and may that experience transform their hearts and minds. I speak of Tuula Haatainen (Social Democrats), Pekka Haavisto (Greens), Laura Huhtasaari (Finns), Merja Kyllönen (Left Alliance),  Sauli Niinistö (Independent), Nils Torvalds (Swedish People’s), Matti Vanhanen (Centre), and Paavo Väyrynen (Independent). Amen.

Congressional Caucuses

Dear Father, their are at least eight Congressional caucuses. A caucus is a groups of elected representatives who share similar beliefs about policy. There are 78 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. These Democrats advocate for liberal and progressive solutions. Their leader is Mark Pocan of Wisconsin. The New Democrat Coalition takes a more moderate and centrist position. This group of 52 members are led by Jim Hines of Connecticut. The Blue Dog Coalition is a conservative group of Democrat representatives. This group consists of 18 Democrats led by Jim Costa, CA, Dan Lipinski, IL, and Henry Cuellar, TX. The Tuesday Group consists of 50 moderate Republicans. They are led by Charlie Dent, PA, and Elise Stefanik, NY. The Republican Main Street Partnership is another caucus of 72 moderate Republicans. The Liberty Caucus is the libertarian wing of the GOP. This group consists of only 8 members, led by Justin Amash of Michigan. The final group is the Freedom Caucus. It is the most conservative caucus and is led by Mark Meadows of North Carolina. The 31 members of this caucus have sympathies towards the tea party movement. Dear Father, I ask that You take over leadership of each of these caucuses. How? Intervene in the lives of the leaders, leading each of them into a personal relationship with You. This will lead to the transforming of their hearts and minds and values and principles. Lead them to take positions in their caucuses that support the work of Your church in our local communities. May the church prosper caring for the needy and sharing inspiring testimonies of hope because of the legislation advocated by these political caucuses. Amen.