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December 28, 2017
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January 2, 2018

Frozen Dog

Dear Father, it has been reported that a dog, locked out of his home, was found frozen solid on the porch of a Toledo, OH home. Father, my heart grieves for the needless physical and emotional suffering this little one experienced before its demise. I ask that You rescue this hour any animal, domesticated or wild, who is lost, lonely, sick, or abused. Father, give loving homes to pets who have known only sadness. Restore their health. If necessary, peacefully relieve them of their suffering in keeping with Your kindness and mercy. Father, while I have no Bible verse to turn to that provides certainty that there is life after death for animals, there are plenty of verses that convey Your deep love for animals. The Bible does speak of the wolf, the leopard, the goat, the calf, and the lion dwelling peacefully together in heaven. It is hard to argue against the idea that there will be animals in heaven. Father, please understand us humans as we unknowingly ask You that our beloved pets, as well as abused animals, know the joy of eternity with their Creator. Amen.

Bronx Fire

Dear Father, it has been reported that twelve people were killed in an apartment building fire in the Belmont section of Bronx, NY. In addition, four people are reported to be in the hospital in critical condition, fighting for their lives. The fire reportedly started on the first floor and rapidly spread through all five floors, consuming 25 apartments. Victims ranged in age from 1 to 50. 12 people were rescued. Father, I pray for Your compassion and mercy today on all whose lives were impacted by this tragedy. I pray for the loved ones of those who lost their lives. May they feel Your extraordinary comfort as they suffer with intense grief. May those who are injured recover and be restored to health. Meet the material needs of those who lost their worldly possessions and a place to live. Bless the 170 fire fighters on the scene as they deal with the trauma of seeing so many lives lost in a fire. Father, I ask that the churches in the Bronx nearby will be the hands, arms, and feet of Your love for all of these people. Grow wonderfully inspiring testimonies of transformed lives out of the ashes of this fire. Amen.

New Year’s Eve

Dear Father, on Sunday night the world will celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Millions of people are setting goals for the new year. Many see 2018 as hope for a better life for themselves and their loved ones. However, the truth is that 2018 will be another year of hardship for the human race. There will be more accidents and fires. There will be more natural disasters. There will be more deaths from disease or injury. There will be more victims of crime and abuse. There will be more acts of adultery. There will be more separations and divorces. There will be more broken relationships. There will be more addiction. There will be more financial struggles for individuals and families. There will be more injustice. Father, this is a broken world, broken because of our rebellion from You. Father, I ask that Your compassion, love, kindness, goodness, generosity, and mercy will be abundant in every life that cries out to You for help in 2018. Father, use hardship to bring people into a personal relationship with You. May their suffering lead to incredible peace and joy as they discover Your deep love for them. Father, show us signs of a revival in America in 2018. In the meantime, please keep safe those who love You as they venture out into a world that parties on our roads and highways on New Year’s Eve. Amen

Xi Jinping

Dear Father, Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. He is also the President of the People’s Republic of China. He is essentially the leader of China. His administration has taken a hardline on dissent in the country. He has disciplined party officials and increased restrictions on civil liberties in the country. Many of his philosophies have been codified into the party’s constitution. As with many other strong leaders in history, Xi has constructed a cult of personality in China, celebrating his life. He seeks a more powerful and influential role for China on the world stage. However, he is also a human being. He was created by You. He needs You. His life is in Your hands. He is accountable to You for the lives of 1.4 billion Chinese. He has his own limitations, weaknesses, and insecurities, even if he denies them publicly. He has rebelled from You and needs a Savior just like each one of us. Father, I ask that You do a miracle in this man’s life. The power of Your Word can walk right into his heart, immune to the armies, guards, and emotional walls Xi has around him. Bring this man to faith in You. Show us all the miraculous power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Father, regardless of Xi’s personal faith, I pray that the impact of the policies and actions of his administration will result in the prosperity of the church in China. May 2018 be an amazing year for the spiritual well-being of the Chinese people. Amen.

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee

Dear Father, Sheila Jackson Lee is a Democratic member of the US House of Representations. She represents the 18th Congressional District in Texas, a district that covers most of central Houston, TX. She has been in the news in the past week because of an incident on a United Airlines flight. A passenger has charged that United denied her of her rightful first class ticket because the airline gave her seat preferentially to Representative Lee. Representative Lee has accused the passenger of racial discrimination, an accusation the passenger vehemently denies. The news story has brought to the surface many reports through the years of alleged mistreatment by Representative Lee of her staff. She is said to have had the highest turnover in her staff throughout her 23 years in Congress. Many report they resigned from her staff because they could not tolerate working for her any longer. Father, based on articles available on the Internet, the evidence seems strong that she has used her political authority to dominate and belittle other people. Father, if this is true, I believe it is a sign she is hurting deep in her heart. There is a longing for something she does not have and she expresses her deep frustration about that as she interacts with others. I ask that in this coming year You bring peace to her inner struggle. May she be set free of it. May she experience a new relationship with Jesus Christ. May she understand the love of God in a truly life transforming way. May she use her position in power to demonstrate the grace, compassion, love, kindness, goodness, and humility of Christ to all who cross her paths. Father, may she one day be known as the most loving and compassionate member of Congress. Amen.