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January 18, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Roman Catholic Church in Chile

Dear Father, there is a crisis in the Roman Catholic church in Chile in South America. According to admissions by both the Vatican and a judge in Chile, Rev. Fernando Karadima committed sex crimes against victims in his parish in the early 2000s. However, no victim came forward until 2010, after the statute of limitations for the crimes had expired. Karadima could not be prosecuted. The victims and their supporters pressed the Vatican hard to punish Karadima. He was removed from his position in 2011 and he was sentenced to a lifetime of penance and prayer. Juan Barros, a protege of Karadima, was charged by the victims of being complicit in Karadima’s crimes. He was alleged to have knowledge of Karadima’s behavior but did nothing to stop it. When the Vatican appointed Barros as the Bishop of Osorno, the victims were outraged. It was in this context that Pope Francis visited Chile this week. Yesterday, he rocked the Roman Catholic country by defending Barros, claiming there was no evidence Barros had done anything wrong. Pope Francis was heavily criticized for his statements. Father, there are millions of people in this Roman Catholic country whose spiritual lives will be impacted by this controversy. Will they leave the Roman Catholic church? Will they abandon faith in You altogether and discredit all Protestant denominations as well? Father, I pray that You will do something amazing in Chile and directly associated with this crisis. May doubting Roman Catholics encounter the true love and compassion of Jesus Christ. May many lives be transformed and may many testimonies be written into people’s hearts. I pray that this crisis will lead to a strengthening of Your Church in Chile and a blessing to the outreach ministries who serve the people of Chile. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland

Dear Father, it has been reported that Kenneth Copeland Ministries has purchased a $ 3.7 million plane from entertainer Tyler Perry. The church is expected to spend $ 2.5 million on upgrades to the plane and to spend an additional $ 2 million to construct a hanger and update a runway at the ministry airport in Forth Worth, Texas. $ 9.2 million is equivalent to 613,000 $ 15 meals for the poor. Ken Copeland is a televangelist in the Charismatic Movement and a preacher of the prosperity gospel. It has been reported that Ken does not want to fly on commercial airlines because such an experience is akin to “getting in a long tube full of demons.” Ken preaches that if an individual has the right faith in You they will receive a shower of financial and physical blessings from You. Father, I am a believer in Your Son, Jesus Christ, and I have a different perspective on “prosperity”. According to Galatians 5:22-23, I believe You pour out an abudance of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control into the life of an individual who has surrendered their life to You. In other words, the wealth You give people of genuine faith is a godly character, a character that is always a blessing in every difficult situation a believer might face in life. Father, I ask that You protect the hearts of those who are truly searching for truth but who are also vulnerable to deception. Use this report of the purchase of this plane by Kenneth Copeland Ministries to lead members of the church and members of the public towards a true understanding of Your Word. I ask that any individual who leads others into idolatry will be removed from their position of influence. I trust You will do so. Amen.


Dear Father, according to news reports, this is a dangerous flu season. As of this date, 85 adults and 20 children nationwide have lost their lives to the flu, especially the H3N2 strain. This severe strain is expected to last until May. Father, I ask that You will save lives even this very hour. Father, if there are individuals with a severe case of the flu who have not yet placed their faith in Christ, save their life. Orchestrate events in their life so that they encounter the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of Jesus Christ. If there are individuals with a severe case of the flu who do know You but their are lives they could still minister to in their lifetime, please save their lives. Return them to health and lead them into ministry. Father, I ask for mercy on our nation and on Your people. Please ease the flu crisis. Amen.