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Photo of a Catholic mass in South Sudan obtained from Wikipedia

Erik Kramer

Dear Father, Erik Kramer, 53, is a former NFL quarterback who started for the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, and San Diego Chargers. He led the 1991 Lions to a 12-4 record and the NFC Championship game where they were defeated by the Washington Redskins 41-10. Erik is in the news today because he has been arrested for domestic violence. His second wife, Cortney Baird, has filed an emergency restraining order against him. She has also filed for divorce, alleging his temper is out of control and has been frightening in the home. This charge comes a few years after Erik, who lost his son to a fatal heroin overdose, survived a suicide attempt when he shot himself with a gun. His first wife has described Erik as a wonderful man whose personality radically changed after receiving concussions in his NFL career. Father, I ask for You to visit Erik and bring him the gift of Your peace. Father, if he is suffering from injuries from his NFL career, I ask that You will touch his head, even this very hour, and bring about healing. I ask that You will give Him such an incredible experience with Your love that his angst and deep hurts are removed from him. Give him an incredible peace that is beyond human explanation. May it changes how he interacts with people. Father, I also pray for his wife and daughter. Protect them. May they find safety away from violence of any kind. May Your church not only be involved in their protection but also in their emotional recovery from the trauma they have experienced. I do ask that a miracle will take place and Erik may one day have a restored, friendly, relationship with his wife and daughter. May this family share their story of Your deliverance in years to come. Amen.

Peter Fonda

Dear Father, Peter Fonda, 78, is the son of the late Henry Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors of all-time. He is also the brother of his equally famous older sister, Jane Fonda. Peter became famous himself in 1969 because of the movie Easy Rider, a movie that he starred in and wrote the screenplay for. The movie is about the adventures of three drug-fueled men who ride motorcycles from Southern California to Louisiana in order to attend the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The movie is considered by many as the most effective Hollywood depiction of the 60s hippie movement. Peter is in the news this week because of his response to the Trump Administration’s previous policy to separate the children of illegal aliens from their parents. His Twitter tweet suggested the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielson, who was an outspoken advocate for the Trump Administration policy, should be stripped naked and pilloried in a public square. He also stated that President Trump’s son, Barron, should be placed into a cage with pedophiles. Peter received widespread criticism for his comment, from both Republicans and Democrats. Peter became the subject of a Secret Service investigation. He has since expressed his apologies. Father, I know that You love Peter Fonda. You created him in his mother’s womb. You desire to have a personal relationship with him. Father, work in his life in such a way that he has a life transforming encounter with You. May he place his faith in Jesus Christ and may his testimony of Your grace inspire many to place their faith in You in the years to come. Amen.

Johnny Depp

Dear Father, Johnny Depp is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities of all-time. It is believed he earned over $ 600 million from his successful movies, movies that include the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Films where Depp has starred have earned over $ 8 billion worldwide. Depp is currently touring with his band, The Hollywood Vampires. However, life hasn’t been wonderful for Depp in recent years. It has been reported that his addictions to both drugs and alcohol has decimated his fortune and his relationships with friends and family. His 2017 breakup with his ex-wife Amber Heard crushed his spirits, leading Depp into severe depression. Recent drastic changes in his physical appearance has alarmed many of his fans. Father, every indication is that this is a man desparately in need of a life-changing encounter with Your love. Father, I ask that even this very hour You will devise and begin executing a plan that will lead to his spiritual rescue. Father, give him a new fortune – a wealth of spiritual blessings that will come from his surrendering his life to You. Give him new godly friends he will be able to trust and who will be faithful to him. Father, bring the power of the love of Your church into his life, even this year. Protect him from taking any action from which there will be no recovery. Watch over him today and report back to us, threw news reports in the future, how Johnny Depp has found God – authentically and genuinely. Amen.

South Sudan

Dear Father, a civil war in Sudan, in Africa, led to a split and the creation of a new country in 2011, South Sudan. Unfortunately, South Sudan subsquently had it’s own civil war only two years after gaining their independence. One-time Vice President Riek Machar was accused by President Salva Kiir of leading a coup. The two men are from different ethnic backgrounds. Forces aligned with Kiir took military action against the forces aligned with Machar. The resulting civil war has destroyed the economy and created a humanitarian crisis, killing over 300,000, displacing millions and causing starvation among the population. Foreign aid has not been able to get to the suffering citizens of South Sudan because of the military conflict. The United Nations has stepped up the pressure on the parties to end the conflict or face serious international sanctions. This pressure, along with the facilitation of Prime Minister Abiy Amed of Ethiopia, has led to peace talks. Father, please bless these peace talks. Please present at the table. Lead both parties to negotiation and compromise. Force them to set aside their bitterness. Give them compassionate hearts that focus their consideration on the innocent civilians in the country who desperately need relief. Father, for the sake of justice and for the sake of the poor in South Sudan, put an end to this civil war. If these men will not compromise or negotiate, get them out of office, replacing them with leaders who will put the needs of the poor as the priority. Father, show us how You can bring about peace in a nation. Amen.