Friday March 23, 2018

Thursday March 22, 2018
March 22, 2018
Willow Creek Church
March 23, 2018

Michael Davidson

Dear Father, Michael Davidson, 37, a firefighter with Harlem’s Engine Company 69 and a father of four girls, was killed in a five-alarm fire at 773 St. Nicholas Ave in New York City. The fire broke out in the former St. Nick’s Club that was a setting for a scene in the new Edward Norton and Bruce Willis movie Motherless Brooklyn. Michael, whose father and brother have also served in the New York fire department, apparently got separated from other firefighters in the structure during the blaze. He had been cited for bravery four times during his career. He leaves behind his wife Eileen. Father, I ask that Your compassion, kindness, mercy, and generosity will pour into the lives of Eileen and the four girls. Help them get through this season of intense grief. Meet their every need. I am certain the NYFD will embrace this family. However, I ask that Your church will as well. May this family know without hesitation or doubt that You are the God of all love and comfort. I also ask You to attend to the emotional and spiritual needs of his siblings, his parents, and his fellow firefighters during this time of grief. Amen.

Jaelynn Willey

Dear Father, Jaelynn Willey is the 16 year old girl who was shot by her ex-boyfriend earlier this week at Great Mills High School in Maryland. It has been reported that she was shot in the head, suffering catastrophic brain injuries. One of nine siblings and a member of the swim team, Jaelynn was removed from life support yesterday after doctor’s declared her brain dead. She may be deceased as of the writing of this prayer. Father, she was the innocent victim of an act of evil born out of bitterness. She certainly had great potential because You give us all gifts and opportunities to make a difference in this world. Now, the world has lost the good she could have done. I ask for Your great mercy and grace to pour into the lives of her family and friends. Comfort them all as they grieve. Walk with them through the pain. Give them understanding. In due time, restore to them peace in their hearts and hope for the future. I ask that Your church will demonstrate to her family that You are the God of incredible compassion and kindness. Write amazing testimonies of emotional healing and spiritual transformation that come out of this tragedy. Amen.

John Bolton

Dear Father, President Trump has appointed John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor after Trump fired H.R. McMaster. Mr. Bolton formerly served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush. He is known as a political conservative and has been a commentator on Fox News. He has had connections with many conservative think tanks and organizations. He is a hawk with respect to foreign policy, advocating for the U.S. to take a tough military stance with nations such as Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Libya, and Iran. He has been quoted as saying the U.S. should make it known we are willing to strike first against North Korea. His appointment concerns many who have been encouraged by the recent peace talks between the U.S. and North Korea. Father, give John Bolton wisdom and understanding. I ask that he will turn to You for guidance and direction. Surround him with godly advisors. May his counsel to President Trump be the voice of reason. I ask that his appointment will, in some manner, strengthen the cause of peace. Meet his needs. Lead him into a closer relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind where You believe it needs to change. Amen.

Ivan Flanscha and Zachary Anthony

Dear Father, Ivan Flanscha, 50, and Zachary Anthony, 29, were two York, PA firefighters who died at the site of a blaze during a snowstorm at the Weaver Organ and Piano Factory. The building collapsed as the two men were inspecting the building after the fire had been extinguished. I thank You for the courage of all firefighters across America who courageously risk their lives to save people and property. Protect a firefighter somewhere in the fifty states today who is fighting a blaze inside a building. Show them the exit, give them a pocket of air, watch their steps, and prevent the beam from falling on their head. Deliver them safely outside. Father, please comfort the friends and loved ones of these two men. Meet their every need. Walk with them through the grief. Lead them into a closer relationship with You. After the time of grief has run its course, restore them to peace and hope for the future. Amen.