Friday November 17, 2017

Thursday November 16, 2017
November 16, 2017
Monday November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017

Head Transplant

Dear Father, it has been reported today that a “successful” head transplant has occurred, attaching the head of one corpse onto the body of another. Father, I can only imagine the total misery of people who cannot move a muscle. Their minds are fine. They can think thoughts and feel emotion. They maybe can see, hear, and speak. However, they can’t move their fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, or legs. It’s as though their bodies are frozen. Perhaps their condition was caused by illness or an injury. Regardless, it sounds like a nightmare. I can understand their desire to have a new body. I can understand their desire to connect their conscience with a body that can hold, grasp, reach, throw, lift, carry, walk, and run. Father, how can any of us judge their heart’s desire? I ask for Your mercy and grace upon each person who suffers like this. Father, restore their souls so that they may one day run in the fields of heaven. Give them strength, courage, hope, compassion, mercy, and grace as they struggle this very day with their inability to move. Father, I can’t imagine the skill required to successfully sustain a healthy life after a head transplant. That’s a discussion for medical experts. I’m certain there will be medical complications that may, in the end, leave the patient regretting their decision. However, I’m concerned most about the emotional risks of such a procedure, not only for the patient but also for their friends and loved ones. It’s an unknown how a human will respond emotionally waking up with a new body. Does the patient move from physical paralysis to “emotional paralysis”? Father, are we playing god? Is this really about the advancement of compassionate health solutions for people in need or is this about doctors who want the fame and fortune of such an accomplishment? Father, protect the patients. May only those patients who will truly thrive after a successful transplant move forward with the procedure. May everyone else avoid it. Protect patients from incompetent and unethical medical professionals. Give patients who are imprisoned in their own bodies spiritual rebirth and the hope that they will have a perfect body in heaven. Amen.

Big Game Hunting

Dear Father, I want to thank You for all of the wonderful animal life You have created. Birds in the air, fish in the sea, and mammals on the land. I thank You for both the smallest and the largest of animals and every animal in between. Father, please protect animal species from extinction. The greed, cruelty, and carelessness of the human race could kill so many animals in a particular species that the species becomes perilously close to extinction. Father, it is reported that the Trump Administration has recently relaxed restrictions on the import of elephant ivory and lion heads. I fear the relaxation of restrictions could set loose a wave of killings without regard to future consequences. Father, protect these animal species. Protect them from human abuse. May generations to come enjoy watching elephants and lions living their daily lives in safety. Amen.

Tax Reform

Dear Father, the House of Representatives passed a tax reform bill by a 227-205 vote. It reduces the corporate tax rate and the rate small businesses need to pay. It is believed the lower rates will increase business investment and employment. It reduces individual tax brackets from 7 to 4, simplifying the tax preparation process. Some fear that could negatively impact the tax preparation industry. It would eliminate the personal exemption but also double the standard deduction and increases the child tax credit, reducing the amount of taxes low-income families need to pay. Politicians in high-tax states like California, New York, and New Jersey are concerned for the limitation of state and local deductions. The plan would limit mortgage interest deductions, possibly detering people from home purchases. It has been estimated the tax plan will cut $ 2.2 trillion from the national budget, requiring a significant reduction in social welfare programs. Father, You are the ultimate economist. You know far more about the economy than any politician, think-tank expert, lobbyist, or academic. You know what economic policy our nation needs. You know what economic policy the poor need. You know what economic policy empowers businesses and stimulates employment. Father, please do with this proposal what You think is best. If it is good for America, pass it and make it the law of the land. If it is bad for America, derail it. If there are good and bad parts to it, engineer the appropriate changes. Father, we are a nation that has rebelled from You. Frankly, we deserve a weak economy. However, for the sake of Your people who reside in this land and the people in need Your people are going to serve, I ask for Your blessings on our economic decisions. Amen.