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October 21, 2017

Human Trafficking

Dear Father, we are our own little gods. We want to do whatever we want to do whenever we feel like it. We will define for ourselves what is right and wrong. The world around us exists to cater to our needs and desires. Maximizing our comfort and pleasure is the highest of godless human values. As a result, we become abusers of the people around us. They become the means to our pleasure. When the highest good is the satisfaction of our pleasure our abuse of others becomes “legitimized”.

Father, the US Department of State reports that worldwide victims of human trafficking are mostly from Southeast Asia and South America. It has been estimated that nearly 60,000 people in the United States are victims each year of human trafficking. They are forced to participate in prostitution or domestic labor. They tend to work in hospitality, landscaping, construction, food service, and farming industries. They tend to be in more populated regions, such as California, New York, Texas, and Florida. It has been estimated that close to 300,000 children are in danger of being forced into human trafficking.

Victims often were abused as a child before being sold into slavery by their families. The victims often trusted an adult over a period of time, an adult who was plotting their kidnapping. The victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder as well as poor health. Father, speaking of trauma, one woman reported on CNN that she had been raped 43,000 times. Victims blame themselves. They often don’t know how to cope with freedom. They lose their sense of independence and identity. They no longer trust other people. They can become deeply bitter with You, with life, with themselves, and with others.

It is reported today that the FBI’s Operation Cross Country has rescued 84 children from human trafficking. 120 traffickers were arrested. Father, I ask that you transform the lives of these 84 children. Each and every one. May each child encounter Your love in a life-changing way. May each of the rescued children be free of guilt. May they love the people You made them to be. May they find good purposes for their lives. Give them homes where they will be cherished, protected, and provided for. Give them each a testimony that will inspire many others. Help them to become men and women of good character, contributors to the healing of our society and culture.

Father, may the traffickers that were arrested encounter Your discipline in such a manner that they fear to hurt anyone else. However, we ask that You have compassion on any trafficker who has genuine remorse. Forgive them through Jesus Christ and turn them into men and women who advocate for victims of human trafficking.

Father, may Your church not be asleep while so much misery from human trafficking is happening in our communities. The church needs to protect the vulnerable, fight for justice for victims, and help victims recover.  Father, please bless these charities and ministries who are fighting human trafficking.  Give them effectiveness and may they experience the fruits of lives rescued and changed.



Joyce Meyer Ministries

Faith Alliance Against Freedom and Suffering

Covenant House


Agape International

Zoe International

Samaritan’s Purse