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October 26, 2017
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October 30, 2017

Disney Channel

Dear Father, I ask for your protection on what the next generation of children will watch on television. Father, I ask that those who design the programming on children’s television networks will be challenged to reconsider the values they convey to impressionable children. Father, put the notion in studio executives minds that traditional values have a place in our society. May it become evident that America needs programming that promotes good character. With the glorification of rebellion from You by the media, it seems like an impossiblity to ask You for producers to develop an interest in pro-family and pro-faith programming. However, nothing is impossible with You. Father, perform a miracle and begin to change the programming on the networks that young children watch. Make it clear to the studio executives that the rebellion-from-God message that the media has been propogating is contributing to the destruction of our society. Give them a heart that wants to put a stop to it. Father, make godly programming so popular that the executives have no choice but to invest in the programs godly families want to see. Amen.

Kari Jobe

Dear Father, I thank You that You continue to raise up people in every generation who love You. There will always be people who seek Your honor, Your glory, and who love people in Your name until the very last day. As believers in Jesus Christ, we can be confident that there will always be brothers and sisters in every nation who are devoted to You. Father, I thank You that Kari Jobe is such a believer. I pray for blessings on her Garden Tour. Tonight she is to be at Grace Church in St. Louis, MO. Father, I pray that there will be people who attend the concert tonight who are ready to accept You as Lord and Savior. I pray that You will use Kari to deliver that message of love from You. May what she sings and speaks plant seeds in people’s hearts that You will one day grow into the tree of salvation. She has come out publicly with the statement that You spoke to her in a dream, calling America back to You. Her message was one of washing away of our rebellion and Your eagerness for revival in this land. Father, please lead more and more of believers of influence to speak confidently about revival. Revival will happen when believers in the pew are committed to it. May those with a microphone be the spark to ignite revival in the church. Please protect Kari on this tour. Keep her safe emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Bless her family and meet their every need. I ask for Your blessings on her husband Cody and on their son Canyon. Amen.