Oh, no! I've been asked to share my testimony about my faith in Jesus Christ


Reasons to turn down the invitation to share my testimony

What should I say?

Many people would like to share their testimony of the work of Jesus Christ in their life. However, they don't know how to begin. What is their story? What is the message they should communicate?

Writing is hard!

Many people are terrified at the prospect of writing. Words do not come easily. They may struggle with organizing their thoughts into sentences and paragraphs.

A video testimony? No way!

In our day of Facebook and YouTube, video is the preferred medium for a testimony. However, it is the rare person who is comfortable enough with their appearance to raise their hand and say "I'll share on camera".

I don't have time for this!

My spouse. My kids. My parents. My house. My neighbors. My job. My friends. My ministry at church. Where's there time to fit in preparing my testimony?

Introducing Gramazin.NET

Believers in Jesus Christ share their thoughts about Gramazin.NET
November 2017

  • "Gramazin.NET is a way for younger generations to connect with the church."
  • "Gramazin.NET is a great way to motivate believers to share their stories of God's work in their lives."
  • "The church needs to build a stronger community where believers share their stories. Gramazin.NET does just that."
  • "Easy, streamlined, and targeted to tech savvy users. Gramazin.NET is a place where change can begin."
  • "The church should look into Gramazin.NET because of the growth of social media among young people."
  • "This is a new way to reach people for Christ."
  • "Gramazin.NET is about believers living out I Thessalonians 2:8."
  • "Gramazin.NET is a way for churches to have a more impactful digital footprint in the community."
  • "Gramazin.NET is an excellent resource to capture the attention of social media savvy neighbors who are searching for relief."
  • "Gramazin.NET will help connect much faster church communities with people who are searching for hope and healing."
  • "I think it is really exciting! Great idea. This could really connect churches together in a community, especially when doing outreach."

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