#258 – Help Me Manage My Time – Part 2

#425 – May I Never Judge those who Suffer
October 15, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 1 – Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, You appointed for me, before I was born, good works that You wanted me to do. You gave me a calling. I ask that today You help me do whatever I need to do to accomplish what You have planned for me to accomplish. It is my highest priority today. Show me what those tasks are. Provide me the wisdom, resources, and connections I need to get them done. Make my paths straight and clear of obstacles. Father, help me serve with excellence and a generous and compassionate spirit whomever You have brought into my life today. My clients. Co-workers. Strangers in need. Father, help me to say no today to those who want to derail me. Help me to avoid those distractions that have nothing to do with my purpose in life. Help me to get the proper nourishment, sleep, exercise, and rest that I need. Help me today not to obsess about perfection in such a way that I stall and never touch lives. Help me to embrace simplicity. Help me to have goals and deadlines that motivate me and keep me focused. Help me to be organized so that I don’t waste time trying to fight chaos and confusion. Help me to group related tasks if that helps me be more productive. Father, help me to set aside time to contemplate Your goodness and to hear Your voice in the stillness of the moment. Father, may my productivity today give You pleasure. Amen.