#711 – He’s Voting for Who?

#71 – Fear of the Lord
October 14, 2017
#262 – My Work Day is Interrupted
October 15, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 2 – Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I just heard that John Smith / Jane Doe is going to vote for _______________. Are they nuts? Are they insane? What on earth would possess them to vote for that candidate? What are they thinking? Don’t they see the same facts I do? Don’t they come to the same conclusions about those facts as I do? Don’t they see the damage this person can do to our community? Don’t they see that this candidate is a dirty, lousy, flea-bitten, sewer-dwelling rodent? I am so thankful I am smarter and wiser than they are. I’m just sorry they have the right to vote. Father, this attitude is idolatry. I’m putting an incredible amount of faith in a human being, a political candidate, to change my world. If this man or woman is elected, I will prosper. If they are not elected, my life will be a disaster. Where are You in this? Do You surrender Your authority to a politician? Are You not sovereign over the events in this world? Will You not have Your will be done regardless of what impact this politician has? Are You not the God who has established government? Does not Your Word tell me that You do as You please with the leaders of this world? You put good politicians into office to do good. You also allow bad politicians into office to discipline us. A bad politician may do even more good for our society than a good politician if he or she wakes us up to our need to repent and return to You. If You have pre-determined a bad politician is to be elected to office, for Your purposes, does it not follow You will also move people to vote for them? Is not, therefore, voter John Smith/Jane Doe Your servant, whether they know that or not? Father, help me to relax and trust You with what happens in the election process. You are in control of what voters do in the voting booth. Amen.