#177 – I Am Aging – Part 1

#468 – I Gave Someone a Finger
October 15, 2017
#301 – I Need a Plan B
October 15, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 1 – Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I remember when I was young. I could run, jump, climb trees, and do cartwheels. I was full of energy and full of life. My mind was sharp and bright. However, my best years are behind me. I need a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair. I have aches and pains in my bones and muscles. I’ve lost hair and whatever I have left has turned gray. My face and skin have wrinkles and age spots. I now need a babysitter because I might fall. I may have forgotten how to get myself food. Why do we age, Father? We have rebelled from You. We have lived each day as though we are our own god. We have lived years doubting Your character. We have worshipped other gods for decades. Father, You are not going to put up with man’s rebellion forever. You put a limit to it – 120 years. Aging is the notice that we will be summoned to Your throne room to give an accounting for our rebellion. Every person who ages is bearing witness that they have received a summons to appear in Your courtroom. Aging is indicative that we have been served our legal papers from heaven’s court. The moment we die of old age is the moment we enter Your court room. My aging body is my soul in transit right now to Your chamber. Father, I confess I am a rebel from You. I have been my own god. I have doubted Your character. I have worshipped other things. I ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross paid the price for my rebellion. I surrender. I trust that now I will be forgiven and I will be ushered from Your court room into a place where I will receive youth and vigor once more. Thank You. Amen.