#301 – I Need a Plan B

#425 – May I Never Judge those who Suffer
October 15, 2017

Dear Father, I had a plan. I thought it was a good solution for everyone involved. It made sense to me. However, it didn’t work. Some people never took an interest in it. It didn’t resonate with them. Other people raised objections that I didn’t consider. I was shocked. It created problems I didn’t expect. I made some assumptions that didn’t pan out. Father, the whole thing proved a point – I am not God. I don’t know very much at all. I have limited knowledge. I often do not come to the right conclusion even when I have good information. My analytical skills are flawed. Father, I need You to help me out here. I need a plan “B” because plan “A” didn’t work. Can You help me? Can You help me clean up the mess of my first plan? Can You give me a new plan I can rally people to and that receives widespread support? Can You give me a new plan that can be implemented without problems? Can You give me a new plan that is versatile – it can be adjusted and reconfigured to work in various scenarios? Can You give me a new plan that will lead to not only the wanted results but also to good things I didn’t anticipate? Father, I’d really like it if the new plan is so incredible that it ends up benefiting many other things – a God thing. Father, humans need to inquire of the Lord. Why? Because we don’t know anything and You know it all. Help me to continuously inquire about every decision I need to make in life. Amen.