#459 – I’m So Fragile

#71 – Fear of the Lord
October 14, 2017
#262 – My Work Day is Interrupted
October 15, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 2 – Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, people are nervous about getting together with me. They are reluctant to talk with me. They hesitate to communicate with me. They know I am so fragile. They know the slightest thing they say or do will hurt me. They know that I fold and crumble with the slightest challenge in my life. They walk on eggshells. It is so stressful for others to have me in their life. Is it any wonder I feel so alone? The weaker I present myself to others, the lonelier I will feel. Father, my friends have their own insecurities and weaknesses. They too are breakable. They can’t possibly handle my weaknesses as well. People who have surrendered their lives to You have the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. Father, bring into my life these kinds of individuals so they can help me address my fragility. May they mentor me. May they call me to surrender my life to You. May they challenge me to trust Your character. May they help me remove the idols from my heart. Father, gird me up. Give me backbone. Strengthen my heart, mind, and soul. Do that by driving me to my knees so that I confess my rebellion from you. May I put You on the throne of my life. I will then grow in strength, growing to a point where people want to have me around in their lives. I may even refresh and strengthen them. Amen.