Ministry Experience – Page One

The following experience with ministry has shaped my vision for Gramazin. Lord willing, I will continue to volunteer in the coming years for a variety of ministries across America.

Overseas Mission
Philadelphia, PA

I am on the board of directors of a ministry in Pennsylvania that serves the needs of people who live in remote villages in Malawi, Africa.

Juvenile Detention Center
Eastern Massachusetts

I volunteer weekly with a Christian ministry at a juvenile detention center in eastern Massachusetts. It is a pleasure to build rapport with the teens who are residents of the facility. I have discovered these young men have hopes for better lives and a curiosity about Jesus Christ. I can see their potential and why God loves them so much.

Correctional Facility
Philadelphia, PA

I had the pleasure to attend worship services on about 9 occasions at the largest prison in Philadelphia. The services were regularly attended by about 50 men. I have been attending church services for over 50 years but I have never experienced the pure freedom in worship these incarcerated men expressed.o much.

State Prison
Western Pennsylvania

My son and I visited an inmate who had been in prison for 7 years for holding up four banks and a convenience store. He shared his story of survival in prison, his remorse for his crimes, and his commitment to build a better life for himself. He has been released from prison since our visit and he is doing very well is his return to society.m so much.

Food Bank
Eastern Pennsylvania

My son and I spent a day working on a farm owned by a food bank. We weeded plants in the fields and processed vegetables in the barn. I was impressed by the operation and how volunteers were coordinated and work was assigned.

Furniture Bank, Cincinnati, OH

My son and I traveled to Cincinnati from our home in the Philadelphia area. We rode with a truck around the metropolitan area, picking up furniture from donors and delivering furniture to families in need. It struck me how one family's undesired furniture was another family's much appreciated blessing. I was interviewed on a local television station who was doing a news feature that day on the furniture bank.

Soup Kitchen
Washington, District of Columbia

My son and I helped prepare and serve a meal to the homeless at this well-known soup kitchen not far from the White House. We helped clean up the dining room after the meal. I was experiencing my own financial crisis at the time and I remember considering that it was only by the grace of God that I was not homeless myself.

Homeless Shelter
Atlantic City, New Jersey

My son and I worked exclusively in the kitchen, helping to prepare the evening meal for the guests. We cleaned up the very large pots, trays, and cooking utensils after the meal as well. Young women from another organization served the meals. We received a tour of the facility, including the warehouse and the huge refrigerated lockers.