Ministry Experience – Page Two

Mercy Ministry
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The director of this ministry is a valued friend with an amazing testimony. I know of no other individual more dedicated to mercy. However, the most memorable experience helping serve a meal to the homeless was watching a woman in a wheelchair setting up the tables in the room. Her desire to serve others despite her limitations was extraordinary.

Cancer Charity
Eastern Pennsylvania

My son and I helped deliver Christmas gifts in Philadelphia to families of cancer patients. The gifts had been donated by various individuals and businesses. The ministry was founded by a man who had lost his wife to cancer. It was a wonderful example of one person's pain leading to a ministry to give comfort to others.

Formerly Incarcerated Ministry
Harlem, New York

The staff of this ministry for the formerly incarcerated were former inmates themselves. In fact, the executive director, who hosted my son and I, had been incarcerated for 20 years as a conspirator in a murder. The take away for me that day was how vital it is for people who have battled through a particular adversity to serve those who are going through it today.

Planting Trees
Baltimore, MD

This was the first experience my son and I had volunteering together. We were asked to help plant trees in a park in the city. However, we were not aware we were going to be asked to clean up a wide creek adjacent to the park. It was an eye-opening experience to the problem of pollution seeing all of the trash in the creek.o give comfort to others.

Ronald McDonald House
Morgantown, West Virginia

My son and I prepared dinner for the families of children with cancer. At the time we had a goal to volunteer in every state (a mission we had to put aside). We were surprised when a reporter for the local newspaper and a reporter for the local television station stopped by to interview us. Reflecting back on that experience, I learned how important publicity is for charities and ministries who need donations and volunteers.