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April 3, 2018

Shark Attack Victim

Dear Father, an unidentified 25-year-old man was attacked by a shark about 100 yards off the shore at the Kukio Golf and Beach Club in Hawaii. He had been paddle boarding with his father. People who witnessed the attack were able to rescue the man and apply first aid to bite wounds on his right extremities until paramedics arrived. The individual was transported to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition, awaiting surgery. Father, I ask that You will spare this young man’s life and to bless him with full recovery. I also pray You will help him to heal from the emotional trauma of the shark attack. Father, use this experience to speak to him and to draw him into a deep personal relationship with You. May this be the moment in his life where he is spiritually awakened and may he surrender his life to You. Father, may this experience turn him into a man who is dedicated to showing the love of God to others in need. Amen.

NBC’s Chuck Todd

Dear Father, Charles Todd, otherwise known as “Chuck”, is a prominent American television journalist and the current moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press. He has formerly served as the Chief Whitehouse Correspondent for NBC News. He has also served as NBC News Director. He is a frequent political commentator on NBC and MSNBC. A member of a Reformed Jewish community in Falls Church, VA, Chuck is in the news today because of comments he made about Good Friday. He stated that every day of the year can be “good” when we are committed to loving one another. Many believers in Jesus Christ were offended by his remarks. Good Friday is the day in which the Son of God died on the cross for the sins of mankind. It is a day unlike any other. The “goodness” of the day is not in man’s capacity to do good works any day of the year but in Your goodness and mercy, sending Your Son to take upon Himself the wrath that we deserved. Father, I ask that You will draw Chuck Todd into a personal relationship with You. Help him to truly understand the meaning of Good Friday, not because Christians educate him but because he personally experiences forgiveness of his sins through what Christ did on the cross that Friday over 2,000 years ago. Father, meet Chuck Todd’s needs today. Shower him with Your favor and I ask that he will one day become a man who unashamedly shares the true meaning of Good Friday with many people across the country. Amen.

Kirbyjon Caldwell

Dear Father, Kirbyjon Caldwell is the pastor of the 14,000 member Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, TX. He is also a published author. His first wife died in a plane crash in Ethiopia. He has had three children with his second wife, Suzette Turner. A Wharton School graduate, Kirbyjon chose a career change and enrolled at the Southern Methodist University School of Theology. He subsequently was appointed pastor of Windsor. The church purchased a former KMart store and converted it into a worship center, a medical clinic, a school, an office park, and the home of several ministries for the needy in Houston. Through his work with the church, Kirbyjon was introduced to President George W. Bush. Kirbyjon prayed at both of President Bush’s inaugurations. His prayer at the first inauguration, stating that Jesus Christ was the name above all names, received criticism from many. He also was a spiritual advisor to Bush during the tragedy of September 11. Kirbyjon subsequently endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, claiming that he was convinced in Obama’s Christian faith. Kirbyjon is in the news today because federal prosecutors have charged him with defrauding millions of investors. He is alleged to have encouraged people to purchase worthless Chinese bonds and then, instead of investing the funds, he spent their investments on his own bills. He faces up to 30 years in prison for wire fraud and money laundering. Father, it appears that Kirbyjon is a man who has been committed to sharing the love of Christ with people in crisis in the Houston area. He has invested in ministries that have brought people hope and relief. His devotion to show acts of compassion, in Your Son’s name, to hurting people is something many other churches should follow. I don’t know the details of investment he has asked people to make in the Chinese bonds. If Kirbyjon has maliciously attempted to defraud investors, I ask that justice will be served. May the victims receive their just compensation. Men and women in ministry must be above reproach. However, if Kirbyjon did not intend to defraud others but made poor business decisions, I pray You will protect him from prosecution. I also pray You will protect his ministries. In either case, work with him even this hour. Lead him into a deeper personal relationship with You. Teach him things during this time of uncertainty and the prospects of incarceration that will strengthen his faith and increase his love for You. I ask that others will see godliness in him as he navigates through the upcoming court proceedings. Father, turn this nightmare into something that advances Your church and increases people’s faith in You.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dear Father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 70, is an Austrian-American who became famous as a weight-lifter and as the seven-time winner of the Mr. Olympia contest. This led to a new career in Hollywood as an action-film hero and movie star. His long list of movies include titles such as The Terminator franchise, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, and True Lies. His fame enabled Schwarzenegger to successfully run for Governor of California where he served for two terms. He is in the news today because he is successfully recuperating from major open-heart surgery where his pulmonic value was replaced. Father, I do ask that You will give him complete recovery. Restore his health to him. However, I also ask that You will use this time to encourage Arnold to contemplate life and death, who You are, and how he should respond to You. Father, lead him to a place where he asks for forgiveness of his sins and surrenders his life to You. May Arnold Schwarzenegger become a man who dedicates his life, his talents, and his influence to the cause of Christ and may many be inspired to follow in his footsteps. Amen.