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December 8, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Karolyn Grimes, A Difficult Life

Dear Father, I watched It’s A Wonderful Life the other day. Karolyn Grimes, 77, played the role of Zuzu, the youngest child of George and Mary Bailey. I read about Karolyn’s difficult life. Both of her parents died within a year of each other when she was a teenager. She married early and divorced quickly. Her former husband died in a hunting accident. Her second husband died of cancer. Her son committed suicide at the age of 18. Father, there are people who seem to stroll smoothly through life with little hardship. There are also people, like Karolyn, who seem to spend a lifetime being oppressed by one horrific challenge after another. However, it is those people who can be most inspiring for us. If they can have faith, so can I. If they can have hope, so can I. Father, I pray for Karolyn this day. Meet her every need. Draw her into a rewarding personal relationship with You. May she feel the depths of Your love and experience the warmth of Your compassion. I pray that Karolyn will continue to inspire people that there is hope, no matter how difficult life may be. Amen.

Ellie – Juvenile Cancer

Dear Father, she is a young girl about the age, I’m guessing, of 10-12 years old. She wore a scarf to cover her hairless head. She is a warrior, determined to claim victory over brain cancer. Father, as I understand it, the news is encouraging. The cancer is in remission. As I talked with her in the lobby of my church yesterday, I sensed a strength of character that was beyond her years. Father, please bless her and her family with total and complete healing. I ask that the challenges she has faced will turn her into a young woman whose walk with You will be inspiring to friends and classmates. Father, whatever needs she has today, please meet them. I pray she will have an amazing testimony of Your love that she shares for years to come. Dear Father, there are many children throughout America today who are battling with cancer. Father, I pray that each child suffering with the disease will encounter the awesomeness of Your compassion, mercy, and kindness. Give each child supernatural peace and contentment. May each child be an inspiration for adults who struggle to handle the everyday problems in life. Father, I ask that You will heal each and every child diagnosed with cancer. I ask that You give each child, and their families, a gift of incredibly good news this very day. Amen.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Dear Father, Carson Wentz is the star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, he has done amazing things on the football field. He has lifted the hopes of millions of Eagle’s fans in the region who long for a Super Bowl championship. He is not only admired as an athelete, he is also admired for his character. Yesterday, he experienced what reports indicate is a season ending injury. Eagles fans throughout America are depressed today. It is in such an environment that an injured Carson, a young man of strong faith in Jesus Christ, tweeted Proverbs 3:5-6 last night:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Father, the young man is sharing his faith with a very large audience. His injury empowers his message of faith. Father, I ask that many Eagles fans will be inspired to hear his entire faith story. I ask that many will come to faith in You because of his testimony. Father, this young man seeks to honor You. I pray that You will bless him for it. May the speed of his recovery from this injury defy the experts. In the meantime, I pray Your blessings on Nick Foles, his replacement at quarterback. He too has shared of his faith in you. Father, may people stand up and notice how You are clearly blessing the quarterbacks on this team who love You deeply. Amen.

Lindsey Vonn, Skier

Dear Father, another athlete was injured recently. Lindsey Vonn hurt her back as she competed in World Cup competition in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Father, I pray for her full physical recovery. I also ask for her spiritual rebirth and renewal. Give her an intense longing for a personal relationship with You. Lead her in such a manner that she will one day place her faith in Christ. In the meantime, meet her every need. May Lindsey recognize that the blessings she receives in life are because of Your love, compassion, mercy, and kindness. Amen.

Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston

Dear Father, it has been reported that Marty Walsh, the current mayor of Boston, has overcome great adversity on least two occasions in his life. He was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at the age of 7 but he was pronounced cancer-free by the age of 11. He is also reported to be a recovering alcoholic, with at least twenty-one years of continuous recovery in a twelve-step program. Father, these are victories of personal strength and they are inspiring. I pray that his story will give hope to many Boston residents who are experiencing hardship. Father, I pray that You work in his life in such a manner that he will one day give You praise and glory for what You have done in his life. I pray that he will seek Your wisdom and guidance for the concerns of the city of Boston. Meet each of his needs today and may he know it is You who has been so gracious to him. Amen.