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December 1, 2017
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December 5, 2017

Kamala Harris

Dear Father, it has been reported that leaders in the Democrat party, as well as some political pundits, believe Kamala will be a candidate for President of the United States in 2020.  She is currently serving as the junior United States Senator from California, serving along side Dianne Feinstein.  A former Attorney General of California, her potential as a presidential candidate is accentuated by her progressive politics, her gender, her youth (53), and her Indian/Jamaican ethnic roots.   However, Father, she is first and foremost a human, created by You.  You love her so much and You long for her to walk with You through her life.  I ask that You will work in her life, drawing her into a deeply rewarding and satisfying relationship with You.  May she look to You for wisdom, provision, and protection.  Bless her and her family. May she be an example of a godly character in government.  May she be an advocate for justice and may her actions bring relief to the poor and suffering.  May her role as a Senator or her future as a presidential candidate advance the cause of Your church. Amen.

Attempted Murder / Suicide Florida

Dear Father, a surveillance video was released by police in Florida showing the moment Palm Beach County sheriff’s deupty Michael DeMarco attempted to kill his ex-girlfriend Yuly Solano when she was walking her Shih Tzu.  Solano survived the shooting but she continues to suffer from injuries.  Heal her broken ribs.  Help her body compensate for and recover from the loss of part of her lung.  Bring her arm back to life as it is paralyzed.  Father, restore her ability to speak normally.  I pray for grace upon her and her family.  Give them the emotional strength to get through this very difficult time.  Create for Yourself an amazing testimony of your love through this family’s hardship.  May Yuly experience Your love in a life transforming way.  Father, I pray also for the loved ones who grieve the suicide of Michael DeMarco.  May people from Your church share the compassion and love of Christ to them.  Amen

Rohina Bhandari

Dear Father, it has been reported today that Rohina Bhandari, a Wall Street private equity manager, was killed by a shark while diving off the coast of Costa Rica. Father, may Your mercy and grace pour into the lives of her loved ones who grieve her loss. May they encounter Your comfort for them. May this tragedy lead Rohina’s family to experience new relationships with You. May You create amazing stories of Your love through this that will give hope and inspiration to others. Amen.

Teen Weightlifter

Dear Father, I saw the story the other day of a young lady who has become an amazing weightlifter.  Maryana Naumova can lift over 300 lbs and she has set world records.  Father, here is what I ask for her today – don’t let people take advantage of her and may she soon demonstrate incredible acts of faith in You.  Father, I fear the world will forget that she is a young woman with hopes, dreams, fears, and feelings.  They will see her as a way to make money off of her.  Protect her.  Protect her from her own actions, getting caught up in her own celebrity, that could lead her down dark paths.  I ask that you will transform her heart in such a way that she does amazing acts of faith, in Your name, that leave many speechless.  Walk with her.  Comfort her. Lead her into a personal relationship with You. Amen.

Antibiotic Resistance

Dear Father, I thank You for giving antibiotics to mankind.  They have saved the lives of millions of people, people who would not have survived infections common to the human experience.  However, the medical community has over-prescribed antibiotics and we have been consuming the food of animals who had been given a steady diet of antibiotics.  As a result, the bacterium have become so familiar with the treatment that they can now resist the antibiotics.  As a society, we may be in the process of returning to an earlier age when antibiotics were not available.  This will have a dramatic impact on health care, especially surgical procedures and hospitalization.  Father, I ask You to give the medical community a new antibiotic that can eradicate infections.  Father, may we learn from this and be more judicious in prescribing antibiotics and injecting them into our food supply. Amen.