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January 19, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Government Shutdown

Dear Father, the federal government is in a shutdown this morning. Members of Congress cannot agree on a bill to fund the various operations and agencies of the government. Congress has not been able to agree on an appropriations bill because the representatives have not been able to agree on funding for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the building of the wall along the border with Mexico. DACA is an Obama Administration policy to delay the deportation of children who are illegal immigrants. Supporters of DACA want to include funds for jobs for these children. Opponents of DACA want the money to go to the building of a wall along the southern border to prevent illegal immigration. As a result of the shutdown, federal offices must close unless they have an alternative source of funding. Paychecks to government employees, such as those who serve in the military, may be put on hold. Many national parks and monuments may be closed. Father, I ask that You resolve this issue in the best interests for the advancement of Your church and in the best interests of the care for the needy. I ask that those members of Congress who are believers in Jesus Christ will seek wisdom from You and they will be effective communicating that wisdom to other representatives. I ask for a speedy resolution to this matter so that those who are dependent upon the government for basic needs will be taken care of. However, I also ask that Your people will volunteer their time and services for the needy all over this nation, reducing the reliance of the needy on federal government. Amen.

Tim Cook

Dear Father, Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since 2011. Apple is a multinational technology company headquarted in California. They manufacture and market consumer electronics including the iPhone, the iPad, Macs, iPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod. They had over $ 229 billion in sales and over 120,000 employees in 2017. They have approximately 500 stores in 22 countries. It is estimated that one billion Apple products are in use worldwide. The company is considered by many to have the world’s best brand. It has also been critized for questionable labor practices. Tim attributes the company’s success to a combination of great people, great strategy, and great execution. He has donated his entire stock fortune to charity. He advocates for liberal causes and was considered as a running mate of Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is the first Fortune 500 CEO to come out as gay, going to far as to thank You for being born gay. Father, I ask that You have mercy on Tim. Lead him into a personal relationship with You. May he surrender his life to You. Transform his heart and soul. Attend to his spritual and emotional needs, whatever they may be today. Bring men and women of God into his life and may they Father, he will not carry with him a dime into eternity. I ask that this wealthy man will soon begin to focus on building treasures in heaven. Have mercy on Tim Cook. Amen.


Dear Father, it has been reported today that richest 1% of people generated 82% of the wealth in 2017. It has also been estimated that over 50% of the world’s population has no wealth to speak of. Father, Your Word speaks often of Your compassion for the poor. You care about injustice and You expect Your people to step up to the plate and fight for justice. Father, I ask that You work in the heart of 10% of the world’s 1,500 billionaires. Lead them into a personal relationship with You. Put on their heart a desire to be generous to the poor. Father, lead them to invest in giving poor people the education and the resources they need to stand on their own two feet. Father, transform the lives of 150 billionaires in 2018. Amen.


Dear Father, Qatar is a country bordered by the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. Qatar, which became independent in 1971, is one of the richest countries in the world, profiting from the world’s third largest natural-gas and oil reserves. The country is 67% Islamic, 13.8% Christian, and 13.8% Hindu. The government of Qatar has been accused of being a supporter of terrorism and that accusation has led to the severing of relations with other countries. The government has permitted the building of Christian churches but has discouraged missionaries from coming into the country. Father, I ask that You will protect and empower believers in Jesus Christ who are living in that country. Protect them from persecution. Make their ministries effective. Grow the church in Qatar. I ask this morning for a spiritual revival in the country of Qatar. Amen.