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December 23, 2018
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January 21, 2019

Rashida Tlaib

Dear Father, U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib, a freshman from Michigan, is in the news for firing a crude obscenity at President Trump while she was delivering a speech about his impeachment that was caught on camera. Rashida also made waves by joining fellow Muslim colleague Illhan Omar, of Minnesota, to criticize pending Republican legislation to punish companies that participate in boycotts against Israel. Tlaib has advocated for a one-state solution in Palestine, implying the one state would not be Israel. Ideological opponents accused her of being anti-Semitic. As expected, Republicans have been highly critical of Tlaib’s recent statements. A few moderate Democrats, such as Joe Manchin from West Virginia, have joined Republicans in condemning Tlaib’s recent statements. However, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has been largely silent in response.  Father, I want to take this opportunity to pray for Rashida Tlaib.  You love her dearly. You created her and You long for a close relationship with her.  Work in her life in such a way that she encounters the Love of the real living God and her life is transformed.  Have mercy on her and pour out Your grace and compassion for her and her loved ones. Amen.

Border Security Address

Dear Father, President Trump has scheduled a live address to the nation tomorrow night at 9 pm to discuss border security. He is hoping to make his case for the construction of a border wall directly to the American public. However, Trump has an estranged and bitter relationship with the mass media. CBS, NBC, and ABC have hesitated to join CNN and Fox News, both of whom have made a commitment to broadcast the speech. Media executives are reluctant to give the President air time when he has been so critical of the work of journalists. However, the executives also understand that not covering the speech will appear to make President Trump’s point that the media is biased against him.  Father, I will take this opportunity to pray for the American public.  There are many who are now working, in the name of political correctness, to deprive citizens of free speech.  Powerful interests that control mass communication are abandoning neutrality and they are taking sides.  They now have an agenda to create and shape the news instead of merely reporting it.  I ask that You will take action to protect the public’s free and convenient access to the truth.  Move in such a way so that the men and women who control the messaging that the public consumes will take a new stand for journalistic courage, decency, neutrality, and integrity.  Call men and women of good character to work in and influence the journalism business. Amen.

U.S. Government Shutdown

Dear Father, today is day 17 in the partial shutdown of the government. Both President Trump and the Democratic-led House of Representatives are in a stalemate, both refusing to compromise in the battle over $ 5 billion for the construction of a wall along the Mexico border. The President’s flagship campaign promise in 2016 was to construct the wall. The Democrats, ignoring polling that suggests the majority of the American people do want improved border protection, don’t want to give Trump a major political victory with the approaching Presidential campaign next year. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of government workers are not receiving a paycheck for the time being.  Father, my prayer tonight is for the individuals and families who are suffering financial hardship due to this government shutdown.  Provide for them.  Give them alternatives sources of income, even if for a short time.  May Your church provide for any family who is in great need because of the lack of a government paycheck.  I ask that Your will be done with respect to the border wall and that a resolution between Trump and the Democrats will happen soon. Amen.

Manila City Jail

Dear Father, the New York Times has published an article describing absolutely horrific conditions prisoners must endure at the Manila City Jail in Manila, Philippines. 518 men are living in a space designed for 170. President Rodrigo Duterte began an intense anti drug campaign in 2016 that has swelled the population of jails across the country. Many of the prisoners have not been convicted of a crime. They are awaiting their court dates that may be years from now. It has been reported that the prison staff is unable to manage the prison without the cooperation of gang leaders. A family atmosphere is developing as prisoners live each day in very close quarters. The gangs are creating both government and an economy to manage the population.  Father, we need Your presence in this jail.  Call men into a new relationship with You through the suffering they are experiencing.  May many of the men deeply consider their spiritual condition and may that lead to their salvation and transformation.  I ask that there will be a movement of faith in You that resounds across the prison.  If there are any prisoners who are believers in You, give them Your special attention.  Meet their every need.  Protect them.  Father, turn the experience of this jail for the prisoners into a stage of rescue and deliverance from evil. Amen.