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June 6, 2018

Stephen Curry

Dear Father, Stephen Curry is a National Basketball Association (NBA) player with the Golden State Warriors (Oakland/San Francisco). He has been called the greatest shooter in NBA history by many basketball experts. His professional accomplishments have included two NBA championships, two Most Valuable Player awards, five times an NBA all-star, and a scoring championship. In 2015-2016, his Warriors team set the record for the most wins in a season. Curry is very outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ, claiming Jesus is his Lord and Savior. Married to Ayesha and the father of two daughters, Curry promotes Philippians 4:13 on his branded basketball shoes. He also sports a tattoo of I Corinthians 13:8. He is active in charity and in the production of faith-based and family-friendly media. He is in the news today because he set an NBA Finals record yesterday with nine 3-point baskets as he led the Warriors to a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers and a 2-0 lead in the series.  Father, I thank You for Stephen’s profession of his faith in You.  I ask that You will protect his reputation from scandal.  Protect him from temptation.  May he be a role model of godliness for a new generation of young basketball players.  Father, our nation needs more men and women who are champions of good character.  Help Stephen to surrender more of his heart and his life to You so that his testimony might inspire tens of thousands of young people to seek a lifestyle of godliness.  Meet Stephen’s spiritual and emotional needs today.  Protect his family spiritually and emotionally.  Give him new opportunities to touch lives in Your name and equip him for that purpose. Amen.

J.R. Smith

Dear Father, J.R. Smith is a player with the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. He has also played for the New Orleans Pelicans, the Charlotte Hornets, the Denver Nuggets, and the New York Nicks in his career. He is married and the father of three daughters. He was involved in a serious car accident in 2009 the resulted in the death of his passenger. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail but 60 of those days were suspended. He was also suspended for nine games by the NBA for his reckless driving history. He has been fined by the NBA for additional infractions. He is in the news today because of what happened at the end of the first game of the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. With the game tied with four seconds to go and with J.R. having the ball near the basket, Cleveland could have shocked the world with an upset victory over the favored Warriors had he made a shot at the basket or passed the ball to a teammate who could have scored.  Instead, he dribbled the ball towards mid-court as time ran out in regulation. Golden State dominated overtime and Cleveland lost the game. J.R.’s blunder exasperated teammates and was lampooned by Golden State fans yesterday in game two.  Father, bring this man to faith in You.  Arrange an encounter with him where he is left with no doubt of your deep love for him.  Transform his heart and mind.  Give him a peace and joy through forgiveness and through his walk with You that he has never experienced before.  I ask that You will bring godly people into his life who will lead him to You.  I ask that he will have an amazing testimony that inspires thousands in the years to come. Amen.

STD Crisis in California

Dear Father, there is a severe outbreak of sexually transmitted disease in California. Nationwide, there were over 2 million cases of Chlaydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2016. The epidemic has caused an increase in congenital syphilis and a significant increase in stillborn children. Experts fear the disease will only spread because of the reluctance of parents, politicians, and educators to talk about the crisis with young people. The increase in STDs is attributed to poverty, homelessness, drug use, and pregnancies without proper healthcare. It has been reported that there is a higher proportion of STD cases involving gay men.  Father, I ask today that each person in California who has a sexually transmitted disease will have a life-changing encounter with the love of God at some point before they pass.  Heal them spiritually.  Secure their eternity with You by the work You do to bring them to faith in Christ.  Father, we do ask for physical healing for each patient.  We ask that so that they will have the strength and the time to go out and spread the love of God to others.  Father, raise up men and women with an STD diagnosis and turn them into advocates for disease prevention and moral living.   Father, for the sake of the innocent, especially children who are in the womb, give the medical community victories in the battles to eradicate STDs.  Protect the innocent today from becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease they know nothing about. Amen.

Diane von Furstenberg

Dear Father, Diane Von Furstenberg (nee Diane Simone Michelle Halfin) invented the very popular wrap dress in the early 1970s. The dress has become a classic, affordably flattering many women’s figures. The dress made Diane, 71, an overnight star and a celebrity. The daughter of a mother who survived the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp, Diane married German Prince Egon Von Furstenberg whose former wife was the heir to the Fiat motor company. They had two children, both of whom are now considered royalty. They divorced and she is now married to media mogul Barry Diller. Diane is a feminist and desires to encourage women to be strong.  Father, we ask that Diane, who is Jewish,  has an encounter with Your love that changes her life.  May she experience a transformation of her heart and soul.  May she experience forgiveness for her rebellion from You, a rebellion common to every human being.  Father, take her desire to inspire other women to be strong and turn it into a desire to help other women be strong in their faith.  Meet her needs today as You work in her life to create her testimony of Your deep love for her. Amen.