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March 3, 2018
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March 6, 2018

Payless ShoeSource Tragedy

Dear Father, 2-year-old Ifrah Siddique was killed on Friday at a Payless ShoeSource store in Riverdale, GA when a full-length mirror fell off the wall. Witnesses report hearing her mother’s screams and the father has been quoted as saying he feels like his life has ended. Father, I ask that You be merciful to this family this very hour. Comfort them. Meet their every needs. Walk with them through this grief. If they don’t know You, bring Your amazing love into their lives and may it be refreshing. Help them to heal from this. Give them joy of life once again once their grief has run its course. I ask that Your church in the Riverdale, GA area will minister to this family and it will transform this family’s lives. I ask that authorities will accurately determine how this accident occurred and that systems will be put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Payless ShoeSource has expressed their deepest sympathies to the family and they are devastated by this tragedy. Father, Martin Wade III is the Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. A corporate turnaround expert, Martin has successfully led the company through a bankruptcy filing and restructuring. A former captain in the United States airforce, Martin serves on numerous corporate boards. Father, I lift Mr. Wade up to You today. He has weaknesses, insecurities, and anxieties like every human on this planet. If he does not know You, I pray that You will draw him to Yourself. Deliver to him a life-changing experience that transforms him spiritually. May he find peace and joy through a personal relationship with You. If he does know You, I ask that his faith will grow and that he will bring hope and healing to many lives in Your name. Amen.

Los Angeles Police Officer Saves Infant

Dear Father, a Los Angeles police officer, whose last name is “Frasier”, saved the life of a three-week old baby after the baby’s father allegedly slammed the baby into the ground during a domestic argument. The baby apparently stopped breathing. The officer, who happened to be nearby, revived the child doing CPR after the mother screamed for help. The child is expected to survive. The father was arrested for child abuse.  Father, thank You for saving this newborn child.  I pray the child will have a full recovery from the incident.  I ask that You will embrace this child.  May the infant come to faith in Jesus Christ at an early age.  May the infant spiritually grow and mature in their relationship with You.  May the infant become a force of good in this world, a life that pleases You.  Protect the child from the dysfunction of his or her home.  I ask that You will bless the mother as well.  May Your church surround this family with love, giving the mother guidance and help.  May the mother be drawn into a deep relationship with You.  I ask that the father will experience remorse and that the remorse will lead to forgiveness and repentance.  Finally, I pray for the heroic police officer named “Frasier”.  May this officer receive blessings for saving this child’s life.  May they enjoy the peace and joy of a close relationship with You.  Amen.

Brawl at Long Island Wedding

Dear Father, it has been reported that 50 people were involved in an alcohol-fueled brawl Saturday morning at the East Wind in Wading River, NY. The combatants came from a wedding reception and an installation ceremony for firefighters of the Hagerman Fire Department that occurred in the hotel simultaneously. The groom and two police officers were injured. Four firefighters, including a father and his two sons, were arrested.  Father, I ask that this incident will be a watershed moment for many of the participants.  May it cause them to look into the mirror and examine their hearts and minds.  May they ask themselves “how can I live life differently and not do this kind of thing?”  May those who seek help find godly help.  I pray that You will turn on the light in the life of one of the four men who were arrested and may that person become a new man in Christ.  I pray for the couple who were married.  Father, may that marriage transform into a Christ-centered marriage.  May they not only be blessed with children but may they also be blessed with godly characters and wisdom beyond their years.  I ask that You will keep the men and women of the Hagerman Fire Department safe as they serve the people of the community.  I pray that You will raise up leaders in the department who have godly character who will challenge all of the firefighters to be exemplary citizens. Amen.

Italian Elections

Dear Father, Italy had a national election yesterday. The hard-right and populist Five Star Movement politicians received the most votes. Their nationalist anti-immigrant platform casts a dark shadow on supporters of a strong European Union. This election contradicts recent victories by pro-EU politicians in Germany and France. Italians are reported to be angered by a lagging economy and competition for jobs with migrant workers. A strong coalition of the Five Star Movement, the League, and the Brothers of Italy party has become a serious threat to the pro-Europe Democratic Party of the center left. However, no coalition was able to reach the 40% threshold required to claim power. The various competing political parties will work in the coming weeks to form a government.  Father, I ask that You install the government in Italy that You want.  You have desires and goals for Italy.  You have plans for Your church in the country.  I pray that the government that is formed in the coming weeks will be the government that will achieve Your purposes.  I pray that You will put men and women of godly character into the corridors of power in Italy.  Give them wisdom.  I ask that the church will thrive under the new government.  I ask that Italy will enjoy a season of justice and compassion for the needy unlike it has ever experienced before. Amen.