Monday May 7, 2018

Friday May 4, 2018
May 4, 2018
Tuesday May 8, 2018
May 8, 2018

US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Dear Father, violence is expected this week as the United States moves their embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by May 14. On May 15th, Palestinians will commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the day in 1948 that Israel became an independent state and the Palestinians lost what they believe to be their land. Combined with a conflict with Hamas on the Gaza border, Israeli security personnel are preparing for violence. Father, we ask that You will maintain peace in the region. We ask that You will thwart the plans of those who want to stir up violence. We ask that You protect the innocent from becoming victims of violence. We ask that men and women of peace will step up to the plate and lead people away from bloodshed. Father, may the events of this week in Israel expand and grow Your church. Amen.

Jim Bakker

Dear Father, Jim Bakker, 78, the Assemblies of God preacher and the host of the Praise The Lord (PTL) Club, gained international infamy in 1987 when a sex scandal, involving a hotel room, Jessica Hahn, and hush money, exploded in the news. News of the scandal was followed by charges that he fraudulently took millions of dollars from people who thought they were purchasing rooms to stay at his Heritage USA theme park. He served five years in prison. His wife Tammy filed for divorce. He is in the news today because he is once more encouraging the audience of The Jim Bakker Show to invest in real estate, this time cabins in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. The cabins are allegedly safe spaces for those who he has convinced the world is coming to an end. Father, we ask that You protect innocent people from falling prey to any fraud that is perpetuated in Your name. We ask that justice will pursuit and prosecute all who take advantage of the fears of others. Father, expose and defeat each and every man or woman who seeks to steal other people’s money to accumulate their own wealth. Amen.

Kilauea Volcano

Dear Father, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has been erupting for the past week. There are eleven fissures causing lava to spread over 387,500 square feet. Two dozen homes have been destroyed and over 1,700 residents have been evacuated in Leilani Estates. The volcano has been active since 1983. Father, thank You for preventing the loss of life in this volcano. Property can be replaced. We ask that You will have mercy on the people who have been impacted by this volcano. Help them to recover financially. We also ask that You will protect the property of those in the community who have surrendered their lives to You and who seek to give You honor and glory. We pray that people’s encounter with this volcano will lead to a spiritual encounter with You and the transformation of their lives.  I ask that You will empower Your church in the area to show the love of God to the victims in amazing ways.  Turn this natural disaster into a spiritual blessing for thousands.  Amen.