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November 10, 2017
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November 14, 2017

330 Dead in Earthquake

Dear Father, I ask for Your mercy on the survivors of the earthquake in Tehran. Pour out Your love and compassion on those who grieve the loss of loved ones. Give Your attentive care to those who were injured. Bring peace of mind to those who were traumatized by the quake. Bring spiritual renewal and healing to all who are asking questions about life, death, and suffering. May Your church in the region be amazing, showing the love of God in incredible ways, and helping each victim get their feet back on stable ground. Give the people in the damaged area the food, clothing, medicine, and shelter that they need. Defeat corruption and prevent people from abusing the victims. Amen.


Church of England

Dear Father, it has been reported that the Church of England has instructed their 4,700 schools to not use the Bible as a guide for how to address gender identification. This action was in response to a teacher having used a gender pronoun that did not reflect a transgender student’s preferred gender identity. Father, it has been reported that approximately 1 in 3 clergy in the church doubt the resurrection of Christ. Some of the clergy have argued the virgin birth of Christ was a fabrication. There has been talk of permitting other faiths, including paganism, into the Church of England so that the church can be considered inclusive.

Father, I am convinced that the core problem of the human race is our rebellion from You. We want to be our own gods. We want to do and say what we want. We want to define for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. We have masked this rebellion as “love”. It is “loving” to encourage people to do and say whatever they want. It is “loving” to not espouse moral absolutes, especially Biblical truths. Jesus Christ is the ultimate “nice guy”, a mere mortal who “got it”. His life ministry, we are told, was to encourage people to be free from any law, tradition, or cultural constraint. Christ Himself could have co-written with John Lennon his song “Imagine”, a call for peace through the absence of religious absolutes.

Father, this is all a lie. The enemy falls off his chair in laughter as humans feast on a theology of rebellion. He knows full well that human obedience and surrender to Your principles for godly living is the recipe for a blessed life. He knows full well that discouraging people from living a godly life is truly “hate”, a certain prescription for misery.

Father, deliver Your church from false teachings. Deliver Your church from the true “haters”, those who will applaud and encourage rebellion from God in the name of “Christian love”. The victims of such beliefs lie confused and bruised in our church pews, bullied by clergy who should know better. Father, have mercy on every individual who is being misled by false teachers. Feed them spiritual truth. May they see Christ for who He really is. May they find spiritual healing through faith in Him. May they desire to honor You and to live godly lives. May there be a revival in the Church of England in the 2020s. Father, pour Your love and Your truth into the hearts and minds of the dear people in England who struggle with gender identity. Amen.


A Cult in the Church?

Dear Father, there is a church in North Carolina that has been accused of taking children away from their parents by the use of power, money, and deception. As I understand it, parents in crisis requested assistance of the church. The church is alleged to have placed the children into foster or adoptive care, physically and verbally abusing the children and turning them against their parents. While I do not want to take sides, I am concerned about a church whose website content is dominated by videos defending themselves against the accusations. The church website seems to have been designed exclusively as exhibits for the defense in the court of public opinion. Where is the focus on You? Where is the good news for the lost? Father, I ask that You will be victorious in this dispute. Defeat evil that is running amok in this crisis. Protect the innocent children. Protect gullible adults. Silence any false teaching and defeat all deception. I ask that Your Spirit will move through all the parties involved and there will be an amazing transformation of hearts and minds. Father, humble the proud and pour out Your grace on the humble. Bring light where there is darkness. Show all involved in this controversey what the love of Christ really looks and acts like. Father, remove from Your church throughout America those individuals who created churches for their own glory and power. Father, I ask that You will close the doors of every church where church leaders are rebelliously and deliberately leading their congregation into darkness. Father, protect vulnerable men, women, and children from connecting with churches where the leaders are living in rebellion from You. Father, may other churches in the community surrounding a “cult” have such a dynamic and authentic witness for Christ that the darkness of the cult will have no impact. Amen.