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Prayers for the World

Dear Father, my life has become so busy that I’m having difficulty maintaining this prayer blog as I would like. I’ve only posted twice in the last three weeks. I would still like to post at least 3 times a week. Father, there is so much to pray for in this world. I need Your inspiration and strength. Help me to find more time and to be highly productive in the time that You give me. Amen.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Dear Father, Michael Douglas is a movie star in Hollywood. The son of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas, Michael played the leading male character in movies such as Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile, Fatal Attraction, and Wall Street. He had a son with his first wife, Diandra. In 2000, he married Catherine Zeta-Jones, an Academy Award winning Hollywood actress who grew up in Swansea, Wales. The two have had two children, a son and a daughter. The couple has publicly acknowledged they have had marital problems, though they have apparently experienced reconciliation. They are in the news today because a former employee of Michael’s has charged Michael with sexual harassing her in the 1980s. Michael has denied it. Catherine is a leader in the “Me Too” movement, the movement to expose and denounce sexual predators. If she supports the cause, she must turn against her husband and father of her children. If she supports Michael, she will be going against the cause, denying the plausibility of a woman making an allegation of sexual misconduct.  Father, I ask for justice in this situation.  May the truth be victorious.  Either the accuser or the accused has been dishonest.  If Michael is innocent, protect him.  If Michael is guilty, may he have the courage to confess and repent of it.  I ask that Catherine’s decision, whatever it may be, will be best for the emotional and spiritual welfare of the children.  I do want to take the opportunity of their being in the news to pray for them.  Father, I know You love both Michael and Catherine.  You desire a relationship with them both.  Father, use this crisis to transform their hearts and minds.  Shower Your love upon them both in such a way that they begin to place their faith in Your goodness and mercy.  Father, may this crisis deliver great spiritual gifts to Michael and Catherine and both of their children. Amen.

Axel Rose

Dear Father, Axel Rose is a rock star, the lead singer of both Guns ‘N Roses and AC/DC. His fame exploded in the late 1980s and early 1990s as Guns ‘N Roses experienced international success with songs such as “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “November Rain”. He had a falling out with the band but recently re-united for a world tour. Though he has claimed he was sexually abused as a child, he has denied having mental health issues. Axel’s only marriage ended in annulment and he has no biological children. He is in the news today because a Guns ‘N Roses concert in Abu Dhabi had to be stopped yesterday because Axel was severely ill. Axel apparently was violently throwing up before the concert but managed to sing 20 of the 28 songs on the set before he couldn’t continue. He has been applauded for his professional commitment to put on a show for the audience.  Father, I take this opportunity to pray for Axel.  Have mercy on him.  Pour out Your compassion and grace into his life in such a way that he will experience being born again through Jesus Christ.  Rescue him from all of his pain and suffering.  May Axel have no doubt of Your deep love for him and may he share his testimony of Your love in the months and years ahead. Amen.

Border Clash

Dear Father, we have been hearing for a month or two about the caravan of people moving through Central America and Mexico on a journey to the US. People on the political left in the US have described the people in the caravan as innocent people who are seeking amnesty in the US. People on the political right have charged that the caravan was not spontaneous but a carefully orchestrated media event to push a liberal and progressive agenda. It has been reported that most of the people in the caravan are strong young men and not the helpless women and children that the media describes. When the caravan arrived at the US border a few days ago, they pushed through a weak spot in the US border protection. The US border agents responded with tear gas, a repeat of a similar incident during the Obama Administration five years ago. However, the media is describing the event as another example of President Trump’s cruelty towards the innocent.  Father, once more I ask for justice and truth to be victorious.  May deception have no victory in this highly charged political issue.  I also pray that Your compassion and grace will also be victorious.  You love every individual in that caravan.  You want each one to surrender their life to You and enjoy the spiritual blessings that result.  Father, use Your church to reach out to the people in the caravan.  May lives be changed and may the innocent be rescued.  Father, may those with a good heart be welcomed into this country so that they can be further blessed by Your church.  May those who have malicious intent be thwarted and sent back home.  Amen.

“Illegal Immigrants”

Dear Father, the Republican Associated Student Government at Emporia State University in Kansas is in trouble with proponents of political correctness. Their Vice President, Michaela Todd, used the term “illegal immigrant” to describe people in the caravan who intend to immigrate to the US without following the law to become legal citizens. By the definitions found in any reputable dictionary, the term “illegal immigrant” would seem appropriate. The legal term “illegal immigrant” can be found in thousands of government and court documents. However, use of that term has been associated by the left with words such as “racism”. Those who use that term are, therefore, considered “racist”. An attempt was made to silence Michaela and the Republican students at the university. However, an attorney ended the controversy when they clearly affirmed the Republican student government’s right to free speech.  Father, we are building a nation of people without backbone.  People are being encouraged to collapse under the weight of hearing someone speak poorly of them.   Father, Your Word teaches us that we are not to denigrate people.  However, Your Word also teaches us that we can have strength of mind and character when we are in the right relationship with You.  We don’t need to fall apart if someone says something we don’t need to hear. We can be strong, knowing that You love us.  Father, I ask tonight that those who have sought to silence Michaela Todd and her organization have a spiritual encounter with You.  May they experience Your love in such a profound way that they understand nothing can hurt us if we have Your love.  We do not need to be afraid of words.  Father, I ask for Your grace on Michaela Todd this very day.  Draw her into a deeper relationship with You.  Lead her and build up her character.  May she touch many lives in her lifetime and make a difference in this world by following Your principles. Amen.