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October 15, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Refugee Crisis in Europe

Dear Father, the news cycles change quickly in our culture.  We hear little now in the news about the refugee crisis in Europe.  However, governments, businesses, communities, institutions, families, and individuals are still dealing with the significant influx of refugees into Europe over the past few years.  There are those who welcome the wave of refugees.  There are also those who are concerned about the changes taking place in their countries because of the infusion of foreign culture.  Father, I ask for the following:

  1. May Your church grow throughout Europe as a direct result of this refugee crisis.
  2. May individuals and families be strengthened in their walk with You because of this refugee crisis.
  3. May both justice and compassion blend effectively together in every community in Europe.
  4. May thousands of individuals and families have reasons today to thank You for your provision and protection.


Rachel Maddow

Dear Father, in an NPR interview in March 2012, Rachel Maddow, host of The Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, shared that she has struggled with cyclical depression since her youth.  As someone who has dealt with depression at various times in my life, I understand the struggle.  I lift her up to You today.  May she understand Your love for her in such a life-changing way that it lifts the darkness of depression from her life.  I pray that she will enjoy a lasting season of peace and joy that comes from knowing how dearly she is loved by You. Amen.

Michelle Flores

Dear Father, this woman from California has experienced two traumatic events within the past few weeks.  She was in the crowd in Las Vegas when the shooter killed 58 people and injured over 500 more.  Last week, her home was lost in the raging fire in California.  Father, some people seem to go through life without significant traumatic events.  Others have one or two such events in their lifetime.  Michelle Flores has had two within a month.  We ask for Your grace and mercy to be upon her today.  Meet her emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.  Provide her with a new home.  Give her the emotional strength to continue on with her life with courage.  Show her Your love abundantly today.  May she be an inspiring story for others who have been struck by multiple traumatic events at the same time. Amen.

Mike Pence

Dear Father, I lift up Mike Pence today, the Vice President of the United States.  I ask that You draw him in to an ever closer relationship with You.  I pray he will grow in character.  I pray he will be a voice of godly wisdom in the current administration.  I pray he will also be the voice for compassion and justice.  Father, provide for him.  Protect him.  Help him as he struggles with private insecurities that all of us can relate with.  In the event that he is one day the president, may he be prepared for the office. May he hear Your voice and follow it. Amen.