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October 21, 2017
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October 24, 2017

George H. W. Bush


Dear Father, there is grief all over the world this morning. Thousands of families have lost a loved one within the past few days. Father, I ask that You speak loudly into the life of each survivor, saying: “I am God. I care. I’m here. Come to me for comfort. I will get You through this. I will give You peace. I will give You hope.” Father, there are several families who I lift up to You in particular this morning. There is the family of the 7 year-old boy in Lowell, MA who was killed by two pit bulls. There is the 3 year-old girl in Richardson TX whose body was found after her father had put her outside at 3 am to punish her. There are the survivors of the three serial-killer victims in Tampa, Florida. There is the family of a police officer killed in the line of duty in Girard, OH. Father, show Your compassion, mercy, and grace to each person who mourns for any of these people. I pray that You will write and share amazing testimonies of Your love in each of these stories.


Dear Father, I sense this morning there are students in high schools across America who feel lonely, bullied, and ostracized. For them, school is not the place of learning. It is a place of emotional torture. Some students will quietly suffer, scarred by the experience. Others may be plotting revenge. Father, I ask this morning that You will thwart any acts of revenge today. Protect the victims of emotional abuse from becoming victimizers themselves. May they turn to You. May they cry out to You for deliverance from their emotional pain. May You answer by bringing loving and godly people into their lives. May they encounter the peace and joy of life that comes from understanding the love God has for them. I ask that You show the same love to the students who are emotionally suffering but who have no intention to seek revenge. Father, change the hearts of bullies today. May they look in the mirror and see their own fears and insecurities. May they realize they need help. May they realize they need to change. May there be bullies this very hour who will soon share dynamic testimonies of Your transforming love. Amen.

Nancy Pelosi

Dear Father, I lift up Nancy Pelosi today, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. As a politician, she has people who love her and people who do not. She faces the challenges of holding a high profile office in the US government. As a human, she has private concerns. She has fears and insecurities. She experiences the dynamics of relationships with friends and family. She has health concerns. Father, You love her. You created her. You desire to have a personal relationship with her. I pray that in her remaining years she will discover the joy of a close walk with You. I ask You to heal the scars that give her emotional pain. Father, if she is struggling with her health, I pray for her to receive medical treatment that gives her physical relief. Amen.

George Bush Sr.

Dear Father, I saw recent photos of our aging 43rd President of the United States. I understand he is close to becoming the longest-living President of in our country’s history. Father, I ask You to care for his spiritual and emotional needs today. At 93 years of age, his days are numbered. I pray You will prepare him for his final hours. May he resolve any conflict in relationships. May he inspire others with his words of insight and wisdom. May he enjoy peace and joy walking with You. Give him rest and physical comfort today. May his time with his wife Barbara today be a delight to him. Amen.