New Hope Ministries, Albany, NY

SonRays Ministries, Tonowanda, NY
February 16, 2018
Higher Ground Christian Counseling
February 17, 2018

Dear Father, I had the pleasure to speak today with a representative of New Hope Ministries of Albany, NY. Their mission is to see Albany transformed by the love of Christ. They offer a Meals for Kids and Kingdom Kids programs three times each week for hungry children aged 4 to 11. Concerned that only 50% of students graduate from Albany High School, the ministry longs to work with these kids into their teen years, offering after-school programs and tutoring. The church is partnering with local governments and other churches to tackle a serious problem in the community. Father, please bless their ministries. May they see young lives transformed this year. May they see entire families surrendering their lives to Christ. Father, bring more children into their ministry. Provide them with the volunteers and the resources they need to be effective in their ministry. Father, they are working to unite churches across Albany for the National Day of Prayer. Give them success and may the chorus of many churches in Albany on that day lead to the rescuing of thousands of youth in the city. Amen.