New Model for Church Websites

Imagine a laptop on a small desk in a tiny room. Your church website is displayed on the screen. Only one person will fit in the room and there is only one chair at the desk. There are three people outside the door and each has only the next 5 minutes to look at the website. Which one of the people should you invite to sit at the chair and look at your church website?

  1. A member of the congregation
  2. A believer in Jesus Christ searching for a new church
  3. Someone who is unchurched who is searching for hope in a time of crisis

What does a church website look like whose primary purpose is to serve the needs of unchurched neighbors in crisis?

More church website traffic

This church website model delivers more traffic for the following reasons

  1. Members of the congregation get discouraged and would read inspiring stories shared by people they can connect with.

  2. Members of the congregation would be more likely to share this website, rich with helpful content, with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in crisis.

  3. The search engines will have more quality content, tags, internal links, and keywords to index. This will increase the likelihood that the search engines will link to the church website when neighbors search for help online.

  4. More members of the congregation share their stories. New members share their stories as well. This increases the search engine performance of the website with continuously fresh content.

  5. Neighbors aware that local church websites have committed to the publication of inspiring stories of hope are likely to visit the church website in their time of need.

  6. Charities, ministries, and counselors in the community recommend the church website to clients in crisis.