Our Team

Our Staff

Chad Wagner


Chad is my wonderful son. He has a heart for people in need. He volunteered with me in ministries in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio. He went into the prison with me when I was involved in prison ministry in Philadelphia.

Adam Hensel


Adam is a senior business major at Gordon College. He will be working with me in the fall of 2017 to help spread the vision of Testimony 2020. I am thankful to God for him.

Our Team of Advisors

Jim Unis

Jim is one of the directors of a ministry that serves young men in juvenile detention. He has a tremendous heart to help people in need and to serve God. His enthusiasm for Gramazin is inspiring.

Greg Smith

Greg is a leader of outreach in his church. He has a heart for people who are suffering in the community. He is actively engaged in various ministries.

Shawn Blair

Shawn was my neighbor in Pennsylvania until I moved to Massachusetts. He is a godly young man who loves his family. He has good instincts for marketing and promotion.

Bob DiGiorgio

Bob is an elder in his church who leads the men's ministry. He has been a great blessing to me. He has a deep love for God and a refreshing desire to serve others in need.

Tim Moniz

I've had the pleasure to get to know Tim through a men's ministry at our church. He is a leader of the 20-30 year old ministry. He not only has a heart for ministry but he is also an incredible chef.

Mike Martin

Mike is a sales executive for a major international corporation. He's also a kind, caring, and warmhearted man who loves God. He has been a source of great encouragement to me.

Our Prayer Team

David Apple

David Apple wrote "the book" on mercy ministry. Literally. He has directed a large church ministry for 30 years and travels the country teaching deacons and others how to connect with and care for people in misery within their communities

Stan Gale

Stan has written a variety of books on prayer. He is a pastor and public speaker. He is a godly man whose counsel I highly value. It is an honor to know him.

Bob Sofronski

Bob has an amazing testimony. Incarceration. Addiction. Now he dedicates his life to ministering to the incarcerated and those struggling with addiction. It was his influence in my life that got me involved with prison ministry.

David Holden

I have known Dave since 1966, the year we entered kindergarten together in Newtown Square, PA. A life-time friend. He is a Christian counselor in the St. Louis, MO area. He is an author of a book on marriage reconciliation (which I highly recommend). I thank God for his advise and encouragement in my darkest days.

Charlie Hunsaker

Charlie is a humble servant of Jesus Christ. He has served many people in need for years through his role as a deacon. I have been influenced by his deep love for God and the Bible studies he has led.

Bill Robinson

I met Bill through a connection with the juvenile detention ministry. I appeared on Bill's television show in April 2017. He is passionate about testimony sharing and encourages me that God will do amazing things through Gramazin. I am grateful to know him.

Bill Spencer

I had the pleasure to meet this former college professor in September 2016. He tutored me one-on-one to learn a language. His incredible intelligence and godly wisdom have been a blessing to me. I hope God blesses me with such a sharp mind when I am in my senior years.

Katherine Goodwin

I met Katherine circa 1991 when I hired her after she graduated from college. When asked for a list of people whose passion for Jesus Christ has not wavered over decades, she comes to mind. Her love for God is inspiring.

Eleanor Wagner

My mother. She kept me going through the darkest period of my life. "Don't give up on God, Charles! He is good. He is faithful." She continuously prayed for me and frequently prayed with me. I will treasure her handwritten Bible verses for the rest of my life.