Prayer for Gramazin – October 23, 2017

The Gramazin Past Through 2017
November 21, 2017

8:31 AM

Dear Father,

I come before You this morning confessing my need for You. I am weak. I am flawed. I have a human nature with a tendency to rebel from You. This nature desires to make my own decisions and decide for myself what is right and wrong. I tend to rely on my own strength. I tend to doubt Your goodness. I can have thoughts that are neither loving of You or loving of others.

Father, forgive me. I confess I am a rebel from You. I ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross pays the penalty for MY rebellion. I ask You to help me to surrender my life to You. I ask that Your Holy Spirit will continue to transform my heart, making me more and more like Your Son. I ask that I become more and more a man of wisdom, grace, humility, honor, joy, peace, love, compassion, mercy, generosity, service, patience, perseverance, courage, and self-control.

You have been at work in my life. You have been working to transform my soul and to build my character. You have also written Your vision for testimony-sharing on my heart. It has become my passion. I have named it “Gramazin”, a play on “Amazing Grace”. In recent years, You have led me on a path that has narrowed the focus to where it is today – a call to believers to share their testimonies on church websites.

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. Proverbs 29:25

I have worked hard in the past week updating the Gramazin website. It reflects the message You have given me more effectively than it ever has. Now, it is time for me to spread the word about Gramazin to believers in Jesus Christ throughout New England and beyond. I ask that You will help me. Empower me. Embolden me. Take away any vestiges of fear of man in my heart and mind. I have nothing to fear with You guiding, empowering, and directing me.

I ask for your blessings this morning on my meeting with Jim Unis. We will discuss the roll-out of Gramazin. I thank You for him and his love for You.

Father, there is much to pray for about Gramazin. Inspire me to fill these pages with prayer. May the world see the transparency of my heart and my reliance upon You. May these prayers be a tool You use to lead others to respond favorably to the message You have put on my heart – believers in Jesus Christ need to share their testimonies publicly.