Prayer Ministry

I spent most of my life anxious and insecure. People who knew me could verify that I was a discouraged man. My melancholy led me to hospitalization one weekend for suicidal ideation.

However, God rescued me. A godly counselor introduced me to His love. I had heard about His alleged love for forty years. However, I didn't believe it. Maybe I didn't want to. She made a convincing case for His love by her compassion and grace as I shared the darkness of my heart. Nothing that I was ashamed of cracked her convincing argument that God loved me deeply. She communicated this message without compromising God's truths. I learned that the love of God and His righteous demands are not mutually exclusive. They work wonderfully in tandem.

Now that I was willing to consider God was loving, my curiosity about Him grew. I couldn't get enough of the Bible and I couldn't get enough of prayer. My prayer journaling overflowed into my relationships. I sent text and email prayers to friends and family. It was a blessing to be used by God to lift the spirit of other people. I now offer this ministry to you.

Life is hard. Life is confusing. What on earth is God doing? Where is His love? You don't know what to say to God. You can't find the words.

I would like to help. I invite you to share what's going on in your life. I will write a brief prayer and email it back to you. I will keep it confidential. Okay?

However, I need you to understand three things:

  1. The prayer should be only a guide. I encourage you to speak to God in your own words.
  2. I am a human being like you. I make mistakes. Determine if what I write is a blessing from God or not. It may be. It may not be.
  3. I will get to your prayer as soon as I can. Please be patient. Know that I take this ministry and your request seriously.

God bless you!


Can I write a prayer for you?