Santa Fe High School Shooting

Friday May 18, 2018
May 18, 2018
Monday May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018

Associated Press

Santa Fe High School

Dear Father, according to reports as of noon today, up to 10 innocent people were murdered at Santa Fe High School this morning. That number may get higher as there are apparently more who are injured. The suspect, whose name is not yet known, is reported to be in custody. Father, be very present at this high school and at related medical facilities this hour. Save lives. Stabilize the injured. Help them rest. Give them the treatment they need to be able to recover physically from their wounds. Help their bodies to respond to the medicine and the medical procedures. Give the doctors wisdom and skill, especially in operating rooms. Father, there are many, not only in the school but across the nation, who are traumatized by this shooting. Father, be gracious, compassionate, generous, merciful, and kind to those whose world has been rocked by this senseless violence. Help those who are walking in a daze this hour to regain their senses. Help those who need to express their emotions. Give them a safe outlet, listening ears and loving arms to hold them. Send Your people into this situation and show Your love to the hurting through them. May those who are lost have spiritual encounters with You that rescue them and put them on solid ground spiritually. Father, serve justice swiftly in this. I also pray that the shooter will be overwhelmed with remorse, regret, and shame so that they may yet turn their lives over to You, repenting of their violence and pledging to love others in the years to come. Father, for the sake of innocent students and teachers around this country, please – get us through the rest of this school year without another shooting. Amen.