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March 12, 2018

Kristian Saucier

Dear Father, Kristian Saucier was pardoned this week by President Trump. Kristian, 31, took a cellphone photo of the nuclear reactor on the submarine where he was stationed as a sailor in 2009. The nuclear reactor was considered classified and, therefore, his photo was against the law. Kristian claimed his innocence, stating that he had no intent to disclose military information. Kristian’s one year incarceration ended in 2017. The conviction devastated his family, including his wife and two-year-old daughter. He was only able to find work as a garbage collector because of his felony conviction. The family had their cars repossessed, their debt grew, and their home was foreclosed. His conviction became an issue in the 2016 Presidential election as Trump argued Hillary Clinton’s national security violations with her email were more serious than Kristian’s but she had no charges filed against her. In fact, Kristian’s attorneys argued for a “Clinton deal” for their client. Now that Kristian has been pardoned, it is assumed that his ankle bracelet can be removed and his felony conviction will be expunged from his record, clearing the way for him to obtain better jobs. Father, I ask for Your grace, compassion, and generosity to pour into the Saucier family. Bless Kristian’s career. Bring him offers of rewarding and fulfilling jobs that match his skills and expertise. May Your church community support this family and surround them with Your love. May Kristian, his wife, and his daughter each enjoy a transformed life as they walk through life with You. I pray that their story will one day inspire many to place their trust in You. Meet whatever emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial needs they have today. Amen.

Trump and Kim Summit

Dear Father, it was reported this week that Donald Trump will meet personally with Kim Jon-Un, the supreme leader of North Korea. The date, time, and place for this meeting has not been announced. North Korea has been an adversary of the United States since the early 1950s. Over the past year, Kim Jon-Un has been threatening to use nuclear weapons to destroy cities in the region and as far away as the United States. Trump responded with severe economic sanctions that have apparently worked. Kim has asked to come to the table for negotiations without any United States concessions. Leaders from around the world, including the Chinese, have expressed their pleasure with this stunning development in international relations. Some politicians have expressed concern that Trump has legitimized a rogue government by offering to meet with Kim Jon-Un. Father, I ask You to be present in the meeting between Donald and Kim. Give them wisdom. Give them understanding. Give them emotional stability. Enable the men to find areas of agreement and to build upon those connections. Father, there are many impoverished people in North Korea. The church is persecuted. I ask that this meeting will be instrumental in the improvement of life for the citizens of North Korea. Father, I ask that the meeting will reduce tension in the Far East. Prepare each man’s heart for the visit. Amen.

Rachel Dolezal

Dear Father, Rachel Dolezal, now known as Nkechi Amare Diallo, is a white woman who became famous for declaring herself an African-American woman who is a victim of racial prejudice. She was the leader of the Seattle, WA NAACP chapter, fighting for the rights of African Americans. She changed her appearance, darkening her skin tone and choosing hairstyles worn exclusively by black women. She made international news when her white parents publicly declared she was white. The African-American community took offense to her claims of being a victim of racial prejudice. Her own son, a biracial child she had with her black husband, has spoken out against her. She is in the news this week because of a Netflix special about her called The Rachel Divide. Many on social media are calling for Netflix to cancel the special and to not give attention to her charade. Rachel has paid a heavy price for her delusion as it is reported she is now in financial crisis and unemployable. She is also reported to be estranged from friends and family. Father, I know that You love Nkechi. You created her. You desire a close relationship with her every hour of every day. I ask that all of this suffering and heartache in her life leads her into that kind of relationship with You. May she find all she is looking for through You. Father, give her what she needs – work, money, spiritual growth, the restoration of relationships, and loving friends. Father, give her a spiritual family – a local church who walks with her through healing and recovery. Amen.

Trump and Mueller Meeting

Dear Father, it has been reported this week that President Donald Trump’s legal team is considering an offer to special counsel Robert Mueller for a meeting with the president in exchange for Mr. Mueller agreeing to conclude the investigation within a few months. Father, it has been a long season with this Russian election interference investigation. If there was a legitimate crime, I ask that justice will be served. If there was not, and this is a political vendetta, I ask that the investigation will end. I ask that You will orchestrate a meeting. Prepare both men with wisdom and character and I ask that You guide the conversation. Amen.

The One Campaign

Dear Father, The One Campaign was created in 2004 to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. The campaign was funded, in part, by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bono, of the rock group U2, is a prominent voice in the campaign that fights for justice, especially in Africa. There are an estimated 9 million members of the organization world wide. The campaign is in the news today because of allegations that employees were bullied and sexually harassed by a senior official in the Johannesburg, South Africa office. The officials have strongly denied the allegations and claim to be victims themselves. The investigation has led to accusation of the office being severely under-resourced and burdened with unrealistic workloads. The One Campaign has stated they have introduced a number of reforms to protect the staff. Father, I believe that all ministries and charities whose mission is to improve the lives of the poor were inspired by You. I ask that You will use this secular organization to save people from poverty and disease. Make them effective, true to their mission. I ask that You will create a culture of integrity and goodness in the organization. Bring people who love You, people of good character, into the organization. I ask that whomever was accused of the abusiveness will have a life transforming encounter with You. May they become a new person, dedicated to loving You and others. I also ask that any employees who were abused may also have their own encounter with You. Bring peace and joy into their lives. Transform their hearts and minds. Amen.

Kaylee Muthart

Dear Father, Kaylee Muthart is a woman in South Carolina who gouged her eyes out in public outside a church while on a drug-induced high last month. She shared her story in a Cosmopolitan magazine article explaining how she went from being a straight-A student, occasionally drinking and smoking pot, to becoming addicted to meth and ecstasy. She stated that she studied the Bible while on ecstasy and convinced herself it was the drug that was bringing her closer to God. Her mother tried to intervene but it was too late. On February 6, 2018, Kaylee gouged out her eyes believing she was making a sacrifice for the world. The churchgoers at South Main Chapel and Mercy Center watched in horror as their pastor tried to help the girl. Kaylee is has now been freed from the drugs and is looking to build a new life despite her permanent and total blindness. She claims she is happier now as a blind woman than she ever was on drugs. Father, this story is heartbreaking. A woman lost her eyesight because of the mind-altering influence of an illegal drug. Father, I ask that her story will lead people to turn away from drugs. I ask that her story will lead people to get life transforming help, especially from those who love You. Father, help Kaylee recover emotionally, spiritually, and physically from this horror. Help her to adjust to her blindness. May she be able to live a life where she feels the satisfaction of making a difference in this world. Surround her with people who demonstrate Your love for her. Bring her to faith in Jesus Christ. May she feel the comfort of a blessed relationship with You. Father, I also ask for Your compassion on those who witnessed this horror – the church congregation, the first responders, and the medical staff at the hospital. Help them to heal emotionally from this as well. Amen.