Saturday October 14, 2017

Sunday October 15, 2017
October 15, 2017

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA -- Flames of the Simi Valley fire ravage Southern California. This is one of many catastrophic fires plaguing Southern Californi. U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules pilots flew eight C-130 cargo airplanes and dropped 129,600 gallons of retardant on the Simi fire during 48 sorties and 32 flying hours as of Oct. 29. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. Dennis W. Goff)

Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Dear Father, the news about the Harvey Weinstein scandal brings to our minds the women all across our nation who are being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused today. God, there is nothing about You that is abusive. Your will has been made clear through Jesus Christ – we are to love one another. Love does not take advantage of people. Love does not domineer. Love does not control. The kind of abuse we are hearing about in this scandal is rebellious. It is the result of people who decide they are their own god. Their needs are more important than the needs of all others. Father, forgive us all for our rebellion from you. When we surrender our lives to you, we love what you love – people. We seek to serve. We become kind, compassionate, merciful, and generous. Father, I ask for healing for each of the women who have been sexually victimized. I ask for justice for crimes that were committed. I ask that those who do this to women will feel godly remorse. May they turn to you. May their hearts and minds be transformed by an encounter with God. May all abusers become fearful of the consequences this infamous abuser must now face. May it scare them into getting help to stop their behavior. Father, I ask that you will protect innocent men and women from abuse this very night. Amen.

Las Vegas Shooting

Dear Father, hundreds of victims of the shooting in Las Vegas are still recovering emotionally and physically. The story may be fading from the headlines but their suffering will be with them for years to come. We pray for them tonight. Please comfort them and give them an amazing peace. Heal their bodies and heal their hearts. Give them courage to live without fear, trusting in Your goodness. Father, You know the truth as to why hundreds of rounds of bullets were sprayed into the crowd. We ask that justice is served. May all who are guilty of this deed be discovered and punished. May we know the truth. Give the authorities the knowledge to protect other crowds in the future. Amen.

Tax Cuts

Dear Father, no one understands the economy more than You. No one understands taxation more than You. No one understands the human heart more than You. You know every household in America. YOu know their income, their expenses, and their budget. You know the same for every business. Father, we ask You to make fiscal policy for our nation. We ask that You will inspire politicians with the right tax strategy that will benefit the most people. We ask that You inspire politicians to be generous to the poor. We ask that politicians will work to get people permanently out of poverty. We ask that politicians will be responsible, doing what’s right for the nation and not the special interests who fund their campaigns. Amen.


Dear Father, there are thousands of families in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean who continue to suffer from hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. There are survivors who are grieving the loss of a loved one. There are families who have lost their homes. There are entrepreneurs who have lost their businesses. There are employees who have lost their jobs. Father, we ask that Your people, who are in every community, will continue to be empowered by Your compassion and generosity to minister to all these people in need. We pray that lives are being spiritually transformed. We pray that miracles are happening. Father, may the wind and waters of Your abundant grace rush into these devastated communities. Amen.


Dear Father, people need doctors. People need medicine. People need medical treatment. Doctors cost money. Pharmaceuticals cost money. Sophisticated medical devices and procedures cost money. However, many sick and injured people cannot afford health care. Father, we need a solution. We need to make health care affordable to all. We need to eliminate waste in the processes so that costs can be lowered. We need to give the inventors the financial empowerment to create new drugs, medical devices, and medical procedures. Father, please lead the politicians to the solution that is best for us. However, I know this, Father. Our health care costs are out of control because of our rebellion from You. We abuse ourselves and we abuse others. It contributes to disease and injury. Father, there will never be an effective health care solution as long as our nation is in rebellion from You. Please transform our nation’s spiritual heart. May we then enjoy the blessings of a reduction in health care costs because we have stopped abusing ourselves and others. Amen.

California Fire

Dear Father, please stop this fire! Put it out. Give the firefighters a miraculous victory. If there is any person in harm’s way this very hour, please deliver them. Rescue them. May Your grace be abundant on all those who have lost loved ones and property. Entire communities have been wiped out. May Your church orchestrate what the survivor’s need. May the survivors respond to Your compassion and turn their lives over to You. Father, we ask this fire, along with the hurricanes and the Mexican earthquake, will drive us as a nation to our knees. May we confess our rebellion from You. May we surrender our hearts to Your Spirit. May we need no more reminders that we cannot forget You. Amen.

North Korea

Dear Father, human history has two recorded explosions of a nuclear bomb. Why haven’t there been more in the last seven decades? You alone have protected us. It is our human nature to kill and destroy. Left to our own management, many cities would have been destroyed by now. Father, relations between the United States and North Korea are in critical condition. They threaten to annihilate us. They are testing missiles. We are threatening to annihilate them. We are preparing our forces. Father, we need You to continue to protect the citizens of both North Korea and the United States from nuclear warfare. Please stop those who will push buttons to launch weapons of mass destruction. May the politicians orchestrate solutions that do not involve the military. We ask that Your Kingdom will grow in the hearts of millions in both countries. We ask that the church in both countries will prove that faith in the true living God is the solution for international conflict. We do ask that governments will fall wherever their oppress and persecute Your church. Amen.