Sunday October 14, 2018 – 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Thursday October 11, 2018
October 11, 2018
Thursday October 18, 2018
October 18, 2018

Stephanie and her old man at the rehearsal dinner at Annie Bailey's in Lancaster PA


Dear Father, it was one year ago today that I began prayer journaling for the world. I have posted 192 times about a variety of topics exemplified by 1,492 tags. I have prayed for everyday people who are in the news, mostly for a tragedy. I have prayed for celebrities. I have prayed for politicians and public officials. I have prayed for countries, cities, companies, and hundreds of current issues in the news. I started out by praying every day. It was a bit too much for me to keep up with. I cut it back to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to make it more manageable. However, as You know, I’ve become more involved in ministry and my career has gone in an unexpected direction. I’m now finding it more difficult to remain faithful to consistent blogging. However, I thank You that You have inspired me to post at least something each week of the past year. I highly value keeping this blog going. I don’t want to quit it officially by decision or to quit it unofficially through neglect. Father, please keep me inspired and faithful to this blog throughout the next 52 weeks. There are millions of topics and billions of people I’ve not prayed for. If I continue to be busy in life, please enable me to post at least something each week. Father, I also ask that You will raise up some people in the coming year who want to help me with this blog. It would be so nice to have multiple prayer bloggers contributing to this blog. May Your will be done with that — in Your time. Father, I am doing this unaware of how many people are reading them. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if You are the only one. The prayers are genuine, authentic, and sincere. If I pray for a celebrity and nobody ever reads the prayer, You have and that is all that matters. Yes, I ask that You bring more readers in the coming year. May I set an example for heartfelt prayer for strangers that others are inspired to follow. May the way in which I pray – trying to focus on what is most important to You about a person or topic – teach someone else how to pray without prejudice or bias for people from all walks of life. May I show what love for our neighbor looks like when we pray for strangers. However, an audience doesn’t really matter here. What is most important is that You answer the prayers I write for the benefit of those who I pray for. I pray that at some point in the future – perhaps five years from now – people will look at this blog and see how You actually answered my prayers. If I pray for a godless celebrity to come to faith in Christ today, may people see the power of prayer when they read the blog years from now after hearing the celebrity share their testimony of the love of Christ in their life. Father, use this prayer blog in the coming year as You see fit. I ask that it honors You, serves You, advances Your Kingdom, touches lives, and makes a difference for people in need. I’ll return to this blog as soon as I can this week to begin year two. Amen.