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October 14, 2017
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October 16, 2017

A few members of the Washington Redskins kneel during the national anthem, circa September 2017

Donald Trump

Dear Father, Donald Trump occupies the most powerful office on earth. He is the President of the United States. His words and his decisions directly impact hundreds of millions of Americans and indirectly impact the billions of people who live around the world. Father, give Him an abundance of wisdom. Just as importantly, strengthen his character, equipping him to be more and more a man of compassion, hope, peace, patience, kindness, courage, and self-control. May he inquire of You and seek Your will for this nation. May he become an inspiration to many as we watch You transform him while he is in office. Give him the words and the policies that will unite our country. May he surround himself with men and women who love You. Meet his spiritual need to have a growing and satisfying relationship with You. Amen.

Hillary Clinton

Dear Father, Hillary had her heart set on becoming the first female President of the United States. The presidential election last November shattered those dreams. Father, each one of us have goals and dreams for our lives. Many of us experience disappointment. Father, Hillary is in a special position – she can demonstrate for all of us what it means to be content despite the disappointments in life. It would be amazing if Hillary began to talk about faith and how what has transpired in her life over the past year has put her on a spiritual quest to find You. Father, I don’t know her. However, published reports suggest a woman who is struggling to come to terms with the shattering of her dreams. I ask that You be gracious and merciful to her this very day. Help her to find peace in her soul and mind. May she transform before our eyes into a woman of great spiritual strength. May she become an advocate for faith in Jesus Christ. May millions of hearts be forever grateful for how she sets an example for how spiritual rebirth can rise out of the ashes of disappointment. Amen.

Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Father, Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the most powerful men on earth. Facebook has the potential to influence the values and beliefs of billions of people. Father, we need men like Mark Zuckerberg to become advocates for people to love God and to love their neighbors. We need men like him to use their wealth, power, and influence to challenge us all to turn our hearts back to You. If our nation would turn back to You, we could experience great healing in our land. Father, I ask that You work in Mark’s heart. Make him curious about who You are. Help him to not only find the truth but to also become an advocate for it. Father, meet his spiritual and emotional needs this day. Despite his wealth and power, he certainly has fears, anxieties, and insecurities. He is human. We pray that you minister to him this very day. May he become an example of a life transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.

NFL Anthem Protests

Dear Father, there is no racism in Your Kingdom. People of all races and all ethnicities worship together, celebrating Your awesome power and goodness. In Your Kingdom, men and women of different races are close friends. They mutually love and respect one another because You have created each one of us. Father, there is racism in America. There are whites who discriminate against blacks. There are also blacks who discriminate against whites. There are people of both races who discriminate against Hispanics. Father, racism hasn’t been caused by bad political policies. Racism cannot be corrected by public education. Racism is rooted in spiritual rebellion from You. You call us to love one another. If we obeyed You, there would be no racism. Father, racism stops when people truly surrender their hearts and minds to You. Father, we ask that You raise up professional athletes who will lead a movement of people surrendering their lives to You. May they take advantage of the opportunity they have as celebrity athletes to call all of us to walk with You. Father, raise up professional athletes in every sport who will bend their knees not in protest but in submissive prayer. May they be inspired with a mission to end racism by encouraging their fans to turn their lives over to You. Amen.


Dear Father, an 8-year-old girl died yesterday morning after a fall from a balcony on the Carnival Cruise ship Glory. I ask for your grace and mercy today on those who mourn her loss. They will have a difficult journey ahead with her funeral and adjusting to life without her. Help them. Be present. Comfort them. Father, I know you never intended this world to be a place where young people die tragic deaths. However, death became a part of life when we chose to rebel from you. I thank You that there is hope of life after death for all who place their faith in You. Give her loved ones reasons to thank and praise you for how you are going to care for them through this horrific time. Amen.

Dear Father, a 25 year old Florida woman shot and killed her two young boys before she committed suicide. Her surviving husband, the father of the two boys, is no doubt dealing with intense grief. The First Baptist Church in Malone, where she had just been baptized, is struggling to understand this tragedy. Father, I ask that the faith of the husband and father, as well as the faith of the members of the congregation, will be strengthened. Give Pastor Smith incredible wisdom, strength, and inspiration as he guides this church family and counsels the survivors. May inspiring stories of your incredible grace come out of this tragedy. Amen.